UK Plant Operators TOP 5 wheeled excavators.

In our own opinion!  Here is a list of the top 5 wheeled excavators currently working on British construction sites, with our favourite machine being the Volvo with its superior design and ergonomically  laid out cab,  having said the price is a bit steep.  We also have the Doosan dx140 which again is a very nice machine to operate, nice cab and operator comforts but just does not age well at all,   The CAT machine is a great tool a as well, very well built and very strong machine which would make a fantastic hire fleet addition, JCB wheeled excavators are making good head way in the UK market at the moment, the machine is very smooth to operate, just need to shake this myth of breakdowns, and the quick Hitch is a nightmare. And finally we have the Liebherr 918 a very nice machine but just so popular in the UK, but again very powerful and has a very good reputation in this country.

top 5 excavators

01, JCB JS 175, Sometimes an excavator needs more manoeuvrability and versatility than tracks can offer. That’s where JCB’s wheeled excavator range comes in. Watch this video of the JCB wheeled excavators in action, or for more information visit…


02, The A 918 Compact Litronic is your ideal partner on construction sites with restricted mobility. Innovative technology and many years of experience form the foundation for high performance with low consumption. Learn more about the Liebherr A 918 Compact Litronic here:…

03, The Doosan DX140W Doosan Medium and Large Hydraulic Excavators deliver dependable power and exceptional performance in various applications. Their world-class cab and great fuel efficiency help you get the most out of every working day.

04, CAT M315F, F Series Wheeled Excavators feature comfortable cabs and smart features that do repetitive tasks automatically. These versatile machines help operators work productively all shift long—moving material efficiently while using less fuel. Cat Product Link™ puts you in a stronger position to optimize efficiency and reduce costs allowing easy data-driven decisions. Our compact radius introduces you into new markets like those with tight-quarter tasks and turning radius constraints. They are designed to help you take on the wide variety of challenges you face everyday, as efficiently as their standard radius counterpart.

05,  VOLVO EW160E , Engineered for ease of operation, the Volvo EW160E and EW180E wheeled excavators deliver the perfect combination of comfort and productivity. The climate controlled cab and ergonomically designed interface contribute to a happier and more effective work environment. With a reduction in the number of switches used, operating the excavators has never been easier.