Hyundai’s AAVM camera system seals the deal for MJ Teale and new HX140 L


Hyundai’s AAVM camera system seals the deal for MJ Teale and new HX140 L

M J Teale Plant Hire is a privately-owned haulage and plant hire firm which has been operating in Blackpool, Wyre and the Fylde Coast, Lancashire for over 40 years.  Employing over 40-people, the company specialise in Recycled Aggregate Supply, Bulk Soil Disposal and Waste Management with the assistance of MJ Teale’s sister company, Blackpool Skip Hire.

At the helm of both companies is owner and managing director, Mick Teale, who oversees all site operations.  Mick is also more than at home ‘on the tools’ and is not afraid to get his hands dirty in one of the company’s fleet of 40 machines and wagons!

Three Hyundai’s in the company fleet – new HX140 L is the latest machine in the stable.

MJ Teale have recently purchased its third Hyundai machine in 16-months and have invested in a new 14-tonne HX140 L.  The other Hyundai’s in the company’s stable are the 22-tonne R220-9A crawler excavator and the HL757-9A wheeled loader.  The machines were purchased through Cumbria based Hyundai dealer Taylor & Braithwaite and MJ Teale estimate they have invested around £250k in the Hyundai brand.



Managing director, Mick Teale said, “We were looking for a new 14-tonne machine and Kevin Bell from T&B suggested we try the new Hyundai HX140 L.  We had the model on demonstration and thought it was an excellent performer.  Not only is the machine fuel efficient it’s also extremely quiet.”

Mick added, “What I was really impressed with was the AAVM camera system on the HX140 L where four cameras work together with the controller and produces a 360° image of the working range around the machine –  which is from a safety point of view is fantastic.  It secures a field of vision in all directions with nine different viewing options which include a 3D bird’s eye view!  This system, as well as safeguarding the operator and site personnel, also means that the resale value of the machine will be greater as safety becomes more and more important on a jobsite.


Hyundai put Safety first with the Advanced Around View Monitoring System.

In addition to nine different viewing options Hyundai’s new camera system also incorporates IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) which informs the operator when people or dangerous objects are detected within a 16.5ft or 5metre radius of the machine, offering the operator hi-precision control over the machine and its surroundings. The operator can select different views – not only a bird’s eye view – it can show you where your counter weight would be turning and show the circle around the base of the machine and many different angles by just touching the viewing icon on the monitor.

The IMOD indicates all movements around the machine. Movement is shown on the monitor by putting a rectangle around the object or person by indicating the side at which there is movement by arrows – the operator, in addition to viewing the obstruction, will be notified by an alarm. The AAVM is incorporated within the 8-inch (20.3-cm) interactive, adjustable, touchscreen cluster-monitor in the cab.


An operators’ perspective.

MJ Teale’s trainee site manager and operator Josh Teale has operated all of the Hyundai machines including the new HX140 L, he said, “I find the new 14-tonner very smooth to run and in the time we have been using the machine we find that it’s able to complete the job more efficiently than other 14 tonne machines I have operated. It’s currently working on a site on a fishing lakes project creating and improving pre-existing lakes.”

Josh concluded, “I’m impressed with the performance and reliability that all the Hyundai machines offer and the addition of the around view camera system takes safety to a new level.”

Working with Taylor & Braithwaite.

Mick Teale said, “We have a very good working relationship with T&B.  All the machines we have purchased from the company have been supported by excellent aftersales services and the warranties have been good too. We will continue to work with T&B in the future.”

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