Richard Eavis is from Dorset. 

“I operate a Hitachi 130-6 and have ordered a new model for January next year. I only ever keep them 2 years as Fords keep me busy on roads and sewers most of the time. For instance yesterday I did over 600t of 6f5 capping stone in the road. I can’t start till 8 and was all in and rolled by 4 plus did some filming for heat 2. 

I’ve been interested in machines all my life. My dad is an owner/operator and I would always be next to him when possible. He had a Drott and 180 Case wheeled machine. I always preferred the Drott always had a fascination with tracks and wanted to become a slew operator.

I have been working for Ford civil engineering for 21 years which out of that I have owned my own for 7 years. I said to my boss I wanted to buy my own machine he was not happy about me leaving so he said buy it and work for me. 

I have worked on loads of building sites over the years. I’ve done so many big projects. One was putting in some 7.5t pipes, they parked my machine up and hired in a 35t Kobelco. Paid me full rate to operate it as they felt I was the person for the job. I spent many years at Poundbury which is a Prince Charles site. Wow what a place.

I have done some massive road projects and public open space jobs and dug some massive foundations in Queen Mother Square at Poundbury the pub and royal pavilion

I’m from a farm so always busy but do enjoy wood turning. I would love to make it to the final and feel be a good candidate for the GPS as I’ve got my own machine and the work I do.”