GKD Technologies launch new Sensor Height & Slew system


As a direct result of customer requests for a combined height and slew system GKD Technologies have introduced a brand-new Sensor Height & Slew system, which has been designed for construction job-sites, where machines, especially excavators are operating in restricted areas and height-confined spaces.  The retro-fit system not only safeguards the operator but also prevents potential machine damage – therefore protecting your assets!


GKD’s new Sensor Height & Slew product line offers the ability to monitor and control height, or slew, or a combination of both Height and Slew. Programming of height and slew limits is easily carried out using the new integrated display with soft button controls.

The new system monitors height and slew in real-time on the in-cab display monitor.    The monitor notifies the machine operator when approaching and breaching a set limit and an external audio alarm is activated when reaching the limit.  An optional intelligent motion-cut prevents infringements and allows only safe movement.

The system is easy to set up and operate, helping the operator create a failsafe exclusion zone and allowing them to maximise the capability of their equipment, so they can continue to work safely.

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