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Volvo EW160E Wheeled Excavators: Operate With Control And Comfort

Built with our customers for our customers, the new Volvo EW160E wheel excavators are the most advanced multi-tool carriers in the industry. Made in Germany, Volvo’s wheeled excavator boast a 40 year heritage and have continuously developed into highly versatile and high quality machines. With manoeuvrability at the heart of its design, our new EW160E wheel excavator will perform time and time again on any job site.



Top features of the Volvo EW160E wheel excavator include:

Trailer hitch

Volvo EW160E wheel excavator (wheeled excavator) trailer hitch lets you transport tools and attachments with ease. The trailer hitch is attached to your wheeled excavator approved for road homologation so that you can transport tools and attachments to and from your job site with ease.


Volvo EW160E wheel excavator (wheeled excavator) spacious cab increases operator comfort and productivity. The spacious cab, with ample storage, leg room, easy to access controls, a better ride side view and an optional luxury seat, increases operator productivity and reduces fatigue.

Boom Suspension System

Volvo EW160E wheel excavator (wheeled excavator) boom suspension system for faster travel. The Boom Suspension System improves operator comfort and allows for faster travel over bumpy roads or rough terrain.

Flexible configurations

Volvo EW160E wheel excavator (wheeled excavator) flexible configurations straight from the factory. Depending on your market and application, tailor your machine to your precise specifications and get it delivered straight from the factory.


Volvo EW160E wheel excavator (wheeled excavator) powerful and efficient Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engine. Volvo’s wheeled excavators with Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engines are powerful and efficient. With advanced technology, save your business time and cost.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo EW160E wheeled excavator are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo EW160E wheel excavator can improve your efficiency!