Digging with Dave Episode 2


Digging with Dave UK was launched in the last edition of UK Plant Operators Magazine. As many readers will remember, Dave Vickers was, in 2021, the first winner of UK Plant Operators Magazine, Plant Operator of the Year.

Digging with Dave UK, is targeted to help and support Plant Operators new to the industry, a digital and social mentor if you will. A place to get some of the answers to those key questions, we are sometime afraid to ask.
Digging with Dave UK is also there should more experienced operators, just want to get another perspective on how a fellow operator goes about their day-to-day business.

The content we share, will, we hope, be both educational and informative.

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Let’s Get Ready To…

In this second episode of Digging with Dave UK, we find ourselves in preparation mode and getting ready to go to site. As Dave explains, with a little planning and forethought, the day ahead can be a little less fraught.
What kit and tackle as a professional operator do you need to take on site with you. Dave also gives his advice and top tips when arriving on site and what to do before you head over to your machine.

Episode two will conclude with how to complete and why you should complete, your pre-start machine checks before you start work.

With Dave’s Clickers Construction van in the foreground and with a spring sunrise in the background, Dave opens the van doors and introduces us to his top-secret hiding place for his CSCS competency cards and the Digging with Dave UK ‘booty bag’.

Find out what Dave believes should be in the ‘booty bag’ and let us know what you think, what would you take out, what would you suggest should be included…that we might have missed.
Finally, Dave talks safety and gives his thoughts on the best PPE options and how he stays compliant on site.

Off to Work We Go…

Then it’s in the van and off to site…Once on site, we meet up with Dave who has just signed in, met the site manager and has had his site induction.

It’s then time for a moment of reflection as Dave recounts the advice he has been given over the years about respecting all on site…you really never know who you might be speaking with and what they know, about what you do.

Then just ahead of heading out to the machine Dave recounts the advice his father gave him at the age of just 16, when a young Dave Vickers was heading out for his first day in construction…Wise words indeed that Dave has never forgotten. These words are indeed as true today as they were all those many, many years ago.

Episode 2 P2:

In this section of episode 2, Dave completes a machine walkaround inspection, starting with the tracks, bottom and top rollers, chain and pins. Dave gives some practical tips of how to remedy any issues and what indeed to look for, the tell tale signs, that there is a problem before it becomes a major problem.

We then then go under the engine cover for more practical advise of what to look for and why completing the checks is good for performance and good for Operator peace of mind. Concluding with how to check fluid levels and how to check if the filters need to be changed.

Dave then competes the walkaround, down the arm of the dipper and to the quick hitch ensuring the connection is good and clean.

Finally, Dave gets into the cab and competes a surrounding check, before the engine is started and the machine goes to work.

With the booty bag checked…Dave checked into site…the machine checked…Dave can go digging.

We trust these two videos have been useful and that a tip or two will be helpful, enjoy the videos and look out for the next episode of Digging with Dave UK, coming soon.