New Rototilt R9 – World’s largest tiltrotator


The new Rototilt R9 tiltrotator opens up a new world for excavators in the 30–40 tonne range. The Rototilt R9 is a giant of a tiltrotator that transforms the largest excavators into flexible and super-strong tool carriers. Perfect for those jobs that demand muscle and ability beyond the norm.

“This tiltrotator features unprecedented capability that makes these large excavators even more effective,” says product manager Sven-Roger Ekström.

The Rototilt R9 combines unique strength and intelligence. Dealing with breakout forces up to an impressive 500 kNm, completely redesigned hydraulics for handling high flows and a powerful worm gear with dual hydraulic motors for maximum torque, this is truly a robust tiltrotator.

The Rototilt R9 is a powerhouse built for heavy duty service. The Rototilt R9 also enables use of SecureLockTM, a safety lock that ensures that tools are always properly coupled, as well as all the advanced functions of the intelligent control system, ICS. The Rototilt R9 even has central lubrication with ILS, Innovative Lubrication System.

“We believe the time is right to begin using tiltrotators on larger excavators,” says Sven- Roger Ekström. “And this naturally includes equipping them with our proven ICS control system and the SecureLock for secure tool attachment.”

For further information, please contact: Malcolm Long, Sales Manager Rototilt Ltd, United Kingdom,, +44 7852 299 410