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JCB has introduced two new patch planers for use with backhoe loaders – bringing greater precision, efficiency and productivity when cutting.

The two new patch planer models – the PL300 and PL350 – are compatible with JCB‘s 3CX Compact and 3CX backhoe loaders respectively and have been performance matched for efficient operation. Key new features include:

  • A new cutter drum design delivering constant planing depth
  • The ability to cut across the patch as well as along it ensuring each edge is clean
  • The option of hydraulic protection to reduce the risk of accidental reverse operation

The P300 and PL350 feature highly durable skid plates on the underside which enable the patch planers to operate closer to the kerb edge without damaging the attachment.

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The combination of the backhoe loader carrier machine and innovative design of the new patch planers gives added flexibility when pothole or patch repairing.

The ability to slew the excavator arm up to 180° on a backhoe loader enables the planer to cut in line with the carrier machine as well as to cross cut the patch. This helps create the perfect edges for asphalt or concrete to be laid. The design of the cutting head gives the planer the ability to cut or shave with great speed and accuracy. The configuration of the new models also enables them to maintain a constant planing depth regardless of the ground contours.

The PL300 features a 300 mm drum width and 36 replaceable picks while the larger PL350 model has a 350 mm drum and 42 replaceable picks. Both JCB patch planers allow the operator to mill out pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces like asphalt and concrete while planing precision is guaranteed thanks to a maximum drum depth of 100 and 120 mm respectively.

A stone guard is fitted as a safety feature to prevent material being ejected out of the side of the planer and hydraulic protection is available to reduce the risk of accidental reverse operation. The drums on each patch planer can also be easily cleaned and maintained for an extended working life.

Supplied ready to use, fitted with a set of asphalt picks, hanger bracket, hoses and couplings, they also come with a dedicated tool to easily wind down the attachment to the required depth.

Technical Specifications:

  PL 300 3CX Compact


PL 350 3CX



Drum Width (mm)


300 350
Drum Depth (mm) 0 – 100



0 – 120
Min. distance from kerb (mm) 50 50
Swinging support rotation angle  



Operating weight (kg) 390 530


Required oil flow (l/min)  

45 – 75

55 – 90
Required oil pressure (BAR)  

300 – 180


300 – 180