Epiroc SpeedCut 100 – first appearance at Hillhead


Wire cutting machine achieving dimensional stone production speed of up to 45 m/s

The Epiroc SpeedCut 100 prioritises production speed and safety, it can be seen on the Epiroc stand M3. The unique wire tensioning system makes it possible to combine the high cutting speed with low wire consumption by utilizing load cells technique.

The cutting speed of up to 45 m/s can bring significant benefits to dimensional stone quarries. SpeedCut creates a perfectly smooth face on the block, it cuts both vertical and horizontal and close to ground level.  The main flywheel can be rotated 320 degrees making parallel cuts with a maximum distance of 2 meters without the need of repositioning.  

The combination of the 8-pole motor and the special software developed by SpeedCut is the key the high performance.  The motor provides the necessary torque to adapt the 1000mm flywheel with high surface contact particularly when starting the cuts.

Recognising the gains in operator comfort from the dust suppression from the running water on the cutting line of the stone greatly improves the working conditions for the operator. So the SpeedCut can offer customers not only an impressive production speed but reassurance that operators can work in an environment with much less dust.

Epiroc UK & Ireland Limited will also show their hydraulic attachment demolition tools developed and supplied by factories in Germany and Sweden, including hydraulic breakers from the market leading SB range right up to the HB 10000, the largest serial hydraulic breaker in the world.