4K| Top Spec Volvo EWR150E Wheel Excavator Unloading & Loading Scania R580


Volvo EWR150E Wheel Excavator From Romerike Maskin AS with Indexator R4 Tiltrotator and Dual Scanlaser GPS unloads and loading Scania R580 Dump Truck with clay at a post terminal construction site in Oslo, May 23rd 2016.


Outstanding stability
The EWR150E delivers everything and more that you would expect from a 15 tonne excavator. Work and perform in narrow and confined spaces with the new Volvo short swing radius wheeled excavator, featuring a 1 720 mm short tail dimension. Swing into action with superior performance and stability.
A genuine 15 tonne machine
This addition to the Volvo product portfolio delivers a star performance with ultimate power and stability. With improved lifting capacity compared to a conventional excavator in this class, the new design means you benefit from the short swing radius with no compromise on reach, lifting and digging performance