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Komatsu Ltd. has unveiled an “Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle” featuring a cabless structure at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016 in Las Vegas, which is taking place from September 26 through 28 this year. Unlike 930E and 830E autonomous models, Komatsu has newly developed this vehicle exclusively as an unmanned vehicle designed to …

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The Legacy of Cat Power is Now Portable


Meet the Newest Member of the Family. Say “hello” to the Cat RP Series Portable Generator.   It’s the first line of Cat products designed by Caterpillar to power your home, work and recreation. Wherever. Whenever. Four new models are coming to a store near you. Power is in our …

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Ongrade and Visijax create proximity warning jacket that lights up near approaching vehicles        Intelligent clothing that illuminates to prevent collisions Ongrade launches the newest addition to its wearable anti-collision technology portfolio.  Visijax high-visibility jackets light up to warn the wearer and oncoming vehicles of their proximity to …

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