For over 20 years MB Crusher has been designing and manufacturing attachments for heavy equipment regardless of size.

Perseverance and resilience led the company to invent the first jaw crusher for excavators. Investing in technology research contributed to the development of MB’s products that can be installed on any carrier machine, turning them into real mobile crushers while improving the machine’s performance and allowing companies to use the resources available in their job sites.

MB Crusher has evolved over the years and has become the benchmark for the construction equipment industry around the world today. With a full range of products to give companies the solutions that they are looking for.

MB Crusher is an Italian company with a worldwide presence. All of the equipment’s production phases take place at the headquarters in Fara Vicentino, Italy.

More than 45.000 square meters host research and development laboratories, production departments, sales, marketing and administrative offices. Here, every piece of equipment is designed, assembled and distributed to international markets by more than 250 people.