UKPOOTY23 Sponsor – Breheny Civil Engineering


Breheny Civil Engineering’s group business development manager Steve Dighton explains why they wanted to get involved with the UK Plant Operator of the Year.

“We’re here to support our excavator drivers that are competing in the competition today. We have got five people and hopefully we will get one or two into the finals to take on the mantle of Hannah Jarman who won for us last year. It also gets our name out there – there are hundreds of people here today and they can see what we’re doing in the market. It shows that we’re supporting our guys and backing them up in the competition.”

On the topic of training the next generation Steve says, “Yes, we have apprentices, we have both white collar and blue-collar apprenticeship programs. In fact, many of our guys come here to Bircham Newton to be trained. We are here looking to inspire the next generation.”