Terex Trucks welcomes new dealer in the Carolinas

Terex Trucks at Hillhouse Quarry Ayr, Scotland


Hills Machinery is the new official dealer for Terex Trucks in North and South Carolina. After expanding steadily over the past 11 years, the company now has seven locations across the region from which it supplies and services Terex Trucks articulated haulers.

If North and South Carolina were a single state, it would be the fifth most populous state in America. The Carolinas have traditionally been known as agricultural states, but it’s the construction market that’s really booming right now. According to a recent survey by Associated General Contractors of America, North Carolina’s construction market is especially strong at the moment – and with a surge of new construction projects expected over the coming years, it’s an equally positive outlook in South Carolina, too. 

Terex Trucks at Hillhouse Quarry Ayr, Scotland

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Hills Machinery, a local construction equipment supplier, is doing so well – and having been appointed as Terex Trucks official dealer in the Carolinas, the future is looking brighter than ever. Brothers Jim and Adam Hills started their namesake business in 2007, where they originally operated out of their offices in Columbia, South Carolina. Over the past 11 years, they’ve gone onto employ 100 people and open up an additional six branches – four in North Carolina (Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and Greenville) and two in South Carolina (Charleston and Greenville). 

Strong reputation, strong market 

“If you were to ask our customers what we’re like as a company, I think they’d say reliable, honest and willing to solve whatever problems they have,” says Jim Hills, co-founder and President of Hills Machinery. “Partnering with Terex Trucks was a no-brainer for us. They produce high quality, efficient machines that are a perfect fit for our customers.” 

“We’re committed to delivering the best products at the best prices, together with the best customer service,” says Mike Kemmerer, Director of Service Operations. “We can offer support to Terex Trucks customers at any of our seven facilities or out on the field, thanks to our fleet of service trucks.” 

Hills Machinery will be selling, renting and servicing two Terex Tucks articulated hauler models – the TA300 and TA400. “We’re excited to have partnered with Hills Machinery,” says Link Kairys, Regional Sales Manager for Terex Trucks. “They’ve got a great reputation in one of the most active markets on the East Coast. I’m confident that their customers will love the reliability, flexibility and performance of the TA300 and TA400.” 

Proven performers

The TA300 can perform in challenging applications including quarries, infrastructure developments and commercial construction projects. Powered by a Scania DC9 engine, it has a maximum payload of 30.9 tons (28 tonnes), a maximum torque of 1,309 lbf ft (1,880 Nm), and a heaped capacity of 22.9 yd³ (17.5 m³). The TA300 can achieve a gross power of 370 hp (276 kW) and is equipped with true independent front suspension as standard, enabling excellent traction control and operator comfort. 

The TA400 is even more powerful, with a maximum payload of 41.9 tons (38 tonnes) and a maximum torque of 1548 lbf ft (2,100 Nm). The TA400 also has a heaped capacity of 30.3 yd³ (23.3 m³) and can achieve gross power of 444 hp (331 kW). This heavyweight hauler comes fitted with Allison HD4560 fully-automatic transmission, meaning that it provides both exceptional rim-pull and high-speed capabilities.