New DX300LC-7 30 t Stage V Excavator from Doosan


Doosan has launched the company’s first Stage V medium size crawler excavator – the new DX300LC-7 30 tonne model. This new ‘-7’ model offers an unmatched combination of high performance, operating features, fuel efficiency, reliability and durability in this excavator class. 

The new DX300LC-7 Stage V excavator builds on the very successful design of the previous Stage IV machine. It introduces major enhancements in operator comfort, machine controllability, productivity, uptime and return on investment, with a strong focus on low fuel consumption, increased power, robustness and versatility.  

Increased Comfort and Controllability

Already excelling in spaciousness and ergonomics, the new cab in the DX300LC-7 model takes operator comfort and ease of operation to unheralded levels. As well as a new high quality seat, the enhanced cab offers more features as standard than other machines on the market, ensuring super controllability and high precision in all applications.

Key new features in the cab

  • New 8-inch touch-enabled colour LCD gauge panel, providing more information via a 30% larger screen
  • Stereo system integrated in the gauge panel
  • Smart keyless start system (option)
  • Improved interior cab design
  • Ultrasonic sonic detection of obstacles (option)
  • LED lights (option)
  • Side protection (option)
  • Air compressor (option)

As standard, 360° cameras provide full visibility around the excavator and allow the operator to see a top-down view of the area outside the machine. The camera array comprises a front camera, two side cameras and a rear camera. The camera display is separated from the gauge panel.

To meet Stage V engine emission regulations, the new DX300LC-7 excavator is powered by the latest generation Doosan DL08 diesel engine, providing 202 kW of power at 1800 RPM.  The DL08 engine offers a new solution to exceed Stage V regulations without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), that boosts the quantity of air available during combustion, increasing the temperature of the process and greatly reducing the amount of particulates produced. This is combined with super-efficient DOC/DPF+SCR after-treatment technology to ensure minimal emissions. 

Thanks to the new technology, maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been greatly reduced, with no maintenance required until the machine has operated for 8000 hours.

With the DX300LC-7, Doosan has tried to ensure that productivity and environment protection are truly compatible. The enhanced fuel efficiency of the DL08 engine in combination with a new hydraulic main valve and the new generation SPC3 Smart Power Controls, provides increased fuel saving – +7% in the S mode and +6% in the P+ mode compared to the previous generation machine.

These are two in a range of four power modes now available on the DX300LC-7, which help to simplify the operation of the new excavator compared to the more complex choice of eight power modes and SPC combinations in the previous generation machine. The operator is able to set the power mode (P+, P, S or E) in both one-way and two-way working modes.

The new DX300LC-7 model is factory-installed with Doosan’s state-of-the-art DoosanConnect wireless fleet monitoring system. The DoosanConnect system offers a web-based fleet management solution which is very useful for monitoring the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance. It is available as a standard feature on all new Doosan excavators (from 14 tonne), all new Doosan wheel loaders and Doosan ADTs. For more on Doosan construction equipment, visit the website: