MPQC Board grows with two new additions


MPQC ispleased to announce that Stephanie Horn and Viv Russell have been appointed as directors of the organisation.

Stephanie replaces Neil Farmer as the Cemex representative whilst Viv is a new appointment.

Stephanie is the current Head of HR Operations for Cemex UK, having been with the company for over 25 years.

On her appointment to the board, Horn said, “the MPQC Board plays an important role in overseeing the activities of the organisation and ensuring its members and the industry are supported through the provision of skills solutions, qualifications, and standard setting.”

“Ultimately we’re here to help to create a safer and more attractive industry to work in.”


Viv Russell is the Group Managing Director at Longcliffe Group Limited and has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and currently serving as chairman of QNJAC and Deputy Vice Chair of The Institute of Quarrying.

“It is a great honour to be asked to join the MPQC board as I believe people are the greatestasset in our industry,” Said Russell. “I feel everybody should own their continuous professional development and MPQC can be a great support in achieving that.”

The MPQC Board is made up of senior representatives from across the major aggregate/mineral companies and trade associations.

In addition to the usual governance responsibilities of any Board, the MPQC Board formulate and agreethe policies and strategic direction of MPQC.