KomVision is the name given by Komatsu to its new ‘surround view’ visibility system now being fitted as a standard safety feature on all excavators.

KomVision is said by Komatsu to be ‘a visual aid’ that goes beyond safety regulations. It complies with the provisions of ISO5006:2017 – the new visibility testing standard which came into force from January 2018 – and is incorporated into the EU standard EN474-1 for earthmoving machinery safety. 

Designed to give the operator ultimate peace of mind by providing an all-sides, real-time, bird’s eye view of the machine’s immediate surroundings, KomVision was designed, developed and manufactured by Komatsu as a fully integrated feature that offers seamless connectivity between driver, machine and the surrounding jobsite.

Using a network of high-definition cameras, KomVision projects a crystal clear view of the immediate surroundings on to a widescreen cab monitor that the driver can quickly and easily check prior to making any movements.

John O’Brien, sales director for Komatsu distributor McHale Plant Sales, said: “KomVision will ease the life of drivers who wished they had eyes in the back of their head and alleviate the concerns of operators keen to eliminate unnecessary contacts or collisions due to blind spots”.