Introducing the CR300H Hybrid Concrete Crusher


Dragon Equipment is the first plant manufacturer to launch a compact hybrid crusher that is not only powerful enough for the toughest of jobs, but also functional and easy to operate. The powerful patent-pending jaws of the new CR300H are capable of crushing up to 7 tonnes an hour into reusable hardcore and the hybrid machine has recently been shortlisted for a World Demolition Award. 

Built entirely in the UK, the CR300H weighs under 780Kgs, has a single lifting point, and multiple tie-down points – combined this makes for a machine that is easy and safe to transport in the back of a van, a trailer or a 4×4 buck. The machine’s transportability makes it easy to attend multiple sites within a day and make more efficient use of time. The 700mm width of the machine also makes it the perfect tool for those jobs with difficult or narrow access, or where access is through an existing building. It’s even safe to take through a residential property, given that it can track entirely on battery power, so no hazardous fumes are emitted. 

Offering more power, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions under high load conditions, it uses the same Vanguard 400® engine as its petrol-powered counterpart. 

Inspiration for the hybrid machine was taken from the automotive industry; which is leading the way with hybrid technology. This proven technology was then applied to the crusher to achieve the desired output. The hybrid powertrain gives the CR300H precise power for the job at hand while optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. 

The Vanguard 400 single-cylinder, 14 Gross HP petrol engine acts as the primary power source, combined with a 15kW E-Machine and lithium-ion battery. Innovative programming of the engine control unit (ECU) ensures the right source and amount of power at all times. 

The hybrid technology dramatically reduces the emissions produced while crushing and caters to the fact that many jobs are not in wide-open spaces. Air pollution can be a real concern, especially for jobs in built-up areas, or those near schools and hospitals. The built-in dust suppression system also helps to alleviate these concerns.

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