Installation of the XControl G2 Steelwrist


Here we have a video from  STEELWRIST and the work carried out during  fitment of the X Control and G2 Steelwrist Tilt Rotate System, I’m sure you’ll agree that the level of workmanship that goes into fitting one of these systems is second to none, which installs a lot of trust in to the brand, here in the UK these systems are becoming far more popular than they once were, with more and more companies starting to understand the time saved by investing in to a Tilt Rotate, from an operators point of view “these are a must have on sites in the UK”  We hear a lot on the social media page that a true operator wont need it, but having operated one for a length of time personally, yes i could get by with out it and not even miss it, but one thing is for sure with it I would be a far more productive operator, and believe me having a Steelwrist on your machine opens up a whole new world to the capabilities of your machine.


Obviously this video was not made in the UK, the main distributor for the UK is AGCON UK and what a brilliant company!  the service is the best attachment service team you will ever come across. if you would like more info on the above product please call Pat on 1608 662534 or email