Hyundai kick starts the HL900 wheel loader A-Series with a trio


Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) kick starts the HL900 A-series with three Stage V compliant wheel loaders: the HL940A, HL955A and the HL960A. 

The new A-Series is more than simply Stage V compliant

Facing a continuous strong demand on heavy wheel loaders in the European market, HCEE is ready to present its new range of wheel loaders, the A-series, to tackle the challenges of its many diverse customer segments. 

The A-series stands for machines that comply with the European stage V emission levels. Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) took the decision to not only fulfil the European mandatory requirements, but to go way further, in order to offer to its broad customer base, a new range of machines delivering maximum performance, enhanced productivity, add crucial safety features, improve uptime management and uptime of the machines, while at the same time stay convenient for the operators – in short: the birth of the new A-series!

Exciting features for the next generationof wheel loaders

The new A-series wheel loaders of HCEE offer a whole new range of features and functions. HCE’s product development proudly presents a plethora of leading technological improvements, which directly relate to improved fuel efficiency, enhanced safety, longer uptime and improved fleet management.

Matrix of key features and customer benefits

1.     New Cummins engine platform1.     Stage V compliant and environmentally friendly
2.     Power Smart Mode2.     Fuel efficient
3.     Modified cabin interior & operator controls3.     High operator convenience: more comfort & less fatigue
4.     Remote door control (optional)4.     Improved safety
5.     AAVM camera system (optional) and Rear Radar System5.     Improved safety & visibility
6.     New engine hood design6.     Improved safety & visibility
7.     Axle, linkage & MCV improvement7.     Improved uptime & productivity
  1.  Cummins engine platform: environmentally friendly

The Cummins B6.7 engine, with the all-in-one exhaust after treatment system, brings many advantages to the brand-new wheel loaders. The engine is not only Stage V certified but also easy to maintain, thanks to its connected diagnostics to Hi-Mate, the long service intervals and the DPF soot reset function for cleaning. As the exhaust after treatment system does not need a manual DPF regeneration and is EGR free, the platform comes with increased engine reliability.

  • Fuel efficient thanks to Power Smart Mode

The IWM (Intelligent Work Mode) menu allows for three engine modes: Power, Power Smart and Economy aiming for full engine power or reduced fuel consumption depending on the application. The Power Smart Mode results in reduced energy losses and 3% – 5% fuel savings on average. In addition, the engine performance is optimized to deliver higher torque at lower rpm. This provides another means for improved fuel efficiency, while optimising engine power and improving engine response time. 

  • High operator convenience 

The large-sized operators cabin features an electro-hydraulic ergonomic joystick to comfortably control all functions of the front-loading arm. Optionally the wheel loader can be equipped with a second advanced steering lever enabling driving the machine by joystick – a function requested by many operators. The premium seat comes with a four-way air suspension (up/down & front/back) and the fully adjustable armrest results in higher operator comfort and less operator fatigue.

  • Remote door control

With the convenience and safety of the operators in mind, HCE has developed an optional remote door opening system. This allows the operator to open the cabin door when approaching the machine, reducing risk potential when opening the door while standing on the steps.

  • AAVM & Rear Radar Detection 

The Hyundai A-series wheel loaders are equipped as standard with a rear-view camera developed in-house. Hyundai offers an optional reverse drive radar system, similar to that of a car, allowing to quickly and reliably detect obstacles within 10 meters during day or night. 

For increased safety on the job site, the advanced AAVM 4-camera system is available as an option. Hyundai’s four camera system informs you when people or dangerous objects are detected, offering the operator hi-precision control over the machine and the surroundings. The camera system comprises two major features: AVM (Around View Monitoring) and IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection). Four cameras film at each side of the machine which means the AVM system offers a 360° overview of the machines surroundings. The IMOD indicates all movements around the machine. Movement is shown on the monitor by putting a rectangle around the moving object or by indicating the side at which there is movement by arrows. 

  • New engine hood design

By reshaping the engine hood the direct view to the back of the machine when reversing has drastically been improved. HCE shortened the front of the hood and moved the tail pipe from the right side to the centre line of the hood top. Not only has the visibility for the operator been improved, resulting in more confidence, the work site also just got a whole lot safer.

All the above-mentioned safety features (items 4-5-6) turn the Hyundai A-series wheel loaders into one of the safest in the industry.

  • Uptime & productivity

The HL955A and HL960A come with an increased rear axle capacity for better durability. Both machines can be ordered with an optional heavy-duty front axle for waste handler and specific industrial fields. The all in one main control valve – a combination of the ride control valve and the EPPR valve – leads to improved uptime as there are less hydraulic hoses – and subsequently a smaller risk of damage by leaks.

The HL940A and HL955A come with a new Parallel Z-Bar linkage providing parallel lift and great tilt back forces. For increased versatility Hyundai Construction Equipment offers also its wheel loader models with an extended loading frame, ISO type Quick Coupler plus two dedicated “Toolmaster” versions for customers working in agriculture, recycling, waste handling, forestry or industrial applications in addition to standard wheel loader applications.