Gas pipelines, aqueducts, telephone and optical fiber channels


This is excellent news for companies specialized in excavations and trenching.  Energy sources are a crucial issue for all governments and a topic discussed amongst most business sectors, as well as individuals. For more than twenty years, MB Crusher has been working alongside companies involved in excavation and trenching all over the world. Companies that create trenches for gas pipelines, aqueducts, power lines, telephone and optical fiber networks, and new renewable energy projects. With a strong innovative spirit, the Italian company has revolutionized the attachment industry and transformed weaknesses of the entire sector into competitive advantages, while helping the environment.

MB Crushers objective has always been to design and build attachments to facilitate and ease the workflow on construction sites, in specific to excavation and trenching. To make them as autonomous and profitable as possible. While protecting the environment and its surrounding inhabitants. 

The entire sector is in fact at the center of a global transformation and it is important to be an active player, both in terms of profitability and consideration to the environment, as demonstrated by the customers who have found the best solutions in MB Crusher attachments despite how extreme working conditions can be.

One of the key requirements of excavation and trenching companies is to work the excavated materials as close as possible to the siteand reuse them to cover the trench once the pipes have been laid. To date, the only solution was to drive the excavated material to a large crushing/screening plant, have the material treated, load that material up, and drive it back to the site. This leads to heavy vehicle traffic, higher emissions, greater consumption of the road surface, greater impact on the area and people, and ultimately higher costs. In large and isolated job sites, the static systems are installed as close as possible, but the movement of vehicles and materials is still required. 

MB Crusher attachments instill a different logic: To design and build powerful, portable crushing and screening attachments. With the cutting-edge idea of bringing solutions to the job site, negating the need to haul material to different locations. Technology rounded out the rest: MB attachments are ready for immediate use and can be mounted directly onto machines that are already on-site.

MB Crusher attachments ensuresimmediate use of operation and autonomyincluding effortless maintenance. MB Crusher Buckets operate by collecting previously excavated material into its bucket then crushes the material, reduce it in size. The MB Crusher Screening buckets can then screen the crushed material creating backfill that it is immediately reused to cover the excavated site. All directly on-site, eliminating the need for larger machinery that require ample room to operate. Ensuring a return of profit. 

Think of the advantages this logic gives to remote construction sites or sites in congested city centers, for trench work in inaccessible areas, or extremely precise civic works with vital restraints including major roads that cannot be closed to traffic.

For example, Vaca Muerta in Argentine Patagonia is a deposit of unconventional hydrocarbons (shale oil and shale gas), estimated at 16.2 billion barrels of oil and 308 trillion cubic meters of gas. The companies engaged in the excavation of the 360 miles of pipeline already built (of the expected 680 total) found in MB Crusher attachments the winning features for this massive and sparse construction site, located in a desert area not serviced by a road network. The BF90.3 crusher and the MB-S18 screening bucket, crushed and screened material creating viable backfill for the miles of excavation, drastically reducing the time required for construction and reducing transport costs.

Respecting the nature of the worksiteis another delicate and important topic to which the MB’s Research & Development department has dedicated countless resources to develop.  “What MB Crusher proposes – says Diego Azzolin, production manager – Is the priority to maintain the balance of a territory while keeping it as unaltered as possible:  it is, in fact, the same excavated material to be reused for subsequent filling. This respect has also been extended to the cities and the inhabitants, who often suffer difficulties such as dust, vibrations and closures of the conventional roads for months.

For example, Lake Garda in Tarbole, Italyis a beautiful tourist destination and any sort of construction comes with a high demand of restrictions. So, when one of the main roads needed to be torn up to lay new water pipes. The perfect solution proved to be the MB BF70.2 S4 crusher bucket: compact and powerful it reduced the excavated road material to a 1-inch minus just a few feet from the site then recycled  it into backfill, immediately after laying the pipes, with less dust, noise or vibration.

MB Crushers ability to create attachments that revolutionize and benefit construction sites also helped produced a new generation of drum cutters.The MB Crusher drum cutter is the only one available on the market, that uses a Direct Drive Twin Motor System. This allows the drum cutter to deliver torque to each of its drums independently, based on the toughness of the material it’s working on. While the Power Boost system multiplies the force of the drum cutter, the No Torsion system reduces stress on the equipment’s arm and therefore reduces wear on the equipment and need for maintenance.

For example, the MB-R900 drum cutterwas chosen because of these attributes to dig a trench near the bridge that connects Buda and Pest.

To reduce time and costs the drum cutter heads are easily replaceable on-site in less than an hour, without the need of specialized technicians. Mounted on an excavator they offer cutting precision, consistent digging depth, and reduce waste. The equipment includes three basic kits: a high-temperature reduction device, drum cutter rotation kit, one that can be used directly from the cab, and a drum cover kit to counter dust in inhabited areas or closed environments.

Another interesting case is the great project for the construction of the Bolivian Sucre-Potosì gas pipeline: 1300 feet in altitude, thin air, scarce roads, soil formed of rock and granite, creating a base of different toughness making it very hard to tear into, and temperatures that dip down to minus 8 degrees. The solution for these issues turned out to be the MB-R800 drum cutter. The job site obtained greater autonomy, less waste and grew its profitability.

In the heart of Europe lies a very busy road. One that leads from Paris to the sea. Any work done on this road needs to be done quickly and efficiently to avoid any type of closures or blockages of traffic. The MB-R700 drum cutter provided that answer. The aqueductdevelopment work was done without road closures. Thanks to its speed, precise cutting and the absence of vibrations and dust. The MB-R700 helped lower management costs overall.

What about underwater work?  The MB-R linedrum cutter can easily tear into rock and concrete that is submerged underwater. An example: the MB-R700 drum cutter made easy work of tearing up rock and concrete in Germany’s Elbe river at a depth of almost 5ft. While removing sections of the bridge and part of the river bottom, the MB Crusher drum cutter ensured precision, safety for hydraulic and mechanical systems all while completely immersed in water, maintaining its speed and maneuverability.

Agility and power that comes from MB Crusher attachments come with more than just savings; they can also bring in a new source of income. 

For example, in the construction of the 430 miles of pipeline linking Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, and which will be subsequently extended to Greece and Italy. Thirteen MB-S18 S3(third generation) screening buckets, worked tirelessly screening material throughout the excavation sites. Thanks to its interchangeable modular panels that allow for a quick and effective selection of screening sizes. Along with these advantages there is also the possibility of creating revenue from the sale of the unused screened material.

The evolution does not end here because MB Crusher is also present alongside the companies that work for the diffusion of renewable energies

Recently the Italian company was involved in the Wahle-Mecklar pilot project in Germany which required the burying of high voltage cables that increased the capacity, security, and stability of supply of the electricity grid. Until today, this same job would have required a mass amount of excavation with large specialized equipment and long work hours. “We are proud to participate in this eco-friendly project –stated Azzolin – by reducing excavation to a minimum and conserving the same soil we can minimize the impact on the environment. The MB-HDS sifting bucket was chosen to create backfill directly on the jobsite. Which was an innovative step forward. 

We are in need to create more efficient jobsites, ones that use less resources and create less waste while protecting the environment.  An objective MB Crusher responded to by offering the widest range of attachments in the world.