Breheny lands its biggest contract win


Breheny has secured a substantial two-year project focused on civils and infrastructure development for a new housing community comprising 3,150 homes. The project encompasses various key elements:

  1. Duration and Project Scope:
    • Breheny will be actively engaged on-site for a two-year period.
    • The project entails delivering civils and infrastructure for the development of 3,150 homes.
  2. Road Construction:
    • Construction of a 2.2km segment of Newark’s Southern Link Road (SLR) with a novel A46 roundabout connection.
    • Redesign of the 700m Hawton Road, featuring two new roundabouts to facilitate future development connections.
  3. Bridges and Culverts:
    • Development of a 110m multiple span bridge over the River Devon.
    • Installation of a new box culvert for the Middlebeck.
    • Construction of a Flood Alleviation Bridge within the flood plain.
  4. Earthworks and Infrastructure:
    • Movement of approximately 1.5 million cubic meters of soil.
    • Establishment of eight Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) ponds.
    • Installation of three new pump stations and three new substations.
    • Reshaping of six flood alleviation zones.
    • Diversion of 6km of high voltage overhead cables.
  5. Significance:
    • This project win holds special significance as it aligns with Breheny’s 60th-anniversary celebration, marking 60 years since its establishment in 1963 by Jack Breheny in Suffolk.

In summary, the project encompasses a wide array of construction activities, ranging from significant road and bridge developments to extensive earthworks and infrastructure projects. This showcases Breheny’s proficiency in civil engineering and construction.