Bobcat Attachments Expand with Loader Remote Control


New Video Shows How Simple it is to Remotely Control Loaders

Bobcat is a major player worldwide in the attachment market. For the company’s market-leading range of compact loaders, the attachment range has just been expanded with the launch of the new Bobcat Remote Control System.

All Bobcat compact loaders are equipped with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, facilitating the quick and safe interchange of over 100 different types of Bobcat attachment. The new Remote Control System has been designed in the same way – it is a plug and play system comprising an easily portable and industrial radio remote control solutionthat can be mounted and dismounted on machines very quickly, leaving behind the standard machine in its original form.

A new video demonstrates how simple it is to set up and use the Remote Control System. Here is the link to the video

In the Remote Control video, a Bobcat T450 compact track loader and an S100 skid-steer loader are shown working with Grapple, Pallet Fork and Combination Bucket attachments, but of course there are many more, including Vibratory Roller, Soil Conditioner, Auger, Trencher, Landplane, 2D/3D Laser Grader and Dozer Blade attachments from Bobcat.

Increased Safety and Productivity

Remote control aims to increase safety, comfort and productivityby distancing the operator from dust, noise, vibrations and other hazards encountered at the workface or on job sites that require special safety precautions. Work can be done faster with higher precision and, in some applications, with fewer personnelon the job site. For increased safety, the system also features an emergency stop button and drop and tilt detection.

It allows direct sight of the work in progress, further increasing the versatility of the loader and a comprehensive range of attachments including angle brooms, augers, breakers, buckets and snow blowers. With trenchers and wheelsaws, where the operator specifically needs to drive backwards with the loader, this solution offers perfect visibility of the project. It also allows operators to talk face-to-face with project partners and manage the surroundings (verbally or non-verbally) at the same time.

Other applications include demolition environments with poor air quality and distracting noise, where the Remote Control System gives the operator the ability to do work from a distance, free from dirt, dust and noise.

In shipyards and in vesselswith limited space in the hold, distancing the operator from the loader keeps them away from other loading machinery such as grabs and the materials they are carrying, separating them from hazardous chemicals and other airborne pollutants as well as falling heavy objects such as scrap metal and other items. The job can be done more easily, with better visibility for managing tight spacesin and around containment areas.

In the waste and recycling industries, the remote control solution allows operators to handle dangerous or toxic materials from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of exposure.With the remote control solution, operators can work on hazardous applications(such as detecting and removing land mines) and also disasters like floods, forest fires, mud or rock slides and in other places where operators can be subjected to dangerous situations.

Installed in a matter of minutes as the video shows, the new Remote Control System allows operators to leave their seat in the cab and control their Bobcat loader remotely. It is compatible with Bobcatskid-steer, compact track and all wheel steer loader modelsequipped withthe company’s Selectable Joystick Controls.

“After comprehensive testing and licensing of the new Remote Control System, Bobcat is the first company to provide an attachment product of this type as original ‘Plug&Play’ equipment, rather than offering it as an add-on development from a third party,” said Alastair Jones, Bobcat Attachments District Manager (UK, Ireland and Nordics & Baltics).

“The Remote Control System can be used in many applications with the focus on limitless visibility, the ability to communicate with the surroundings without the need to be present in the cab, comfort enhancement for applications with noise, vibration and harshness or even in dangerous areas,” Alastair Jones explained.

He continued: “Complementing the applications described above, remote control solutions have proved their qualities and abilities to save lives in the toughest environments all around the world by providing service during disasters like floods, forest fires, mud or rock slides and in other places where operators can be subjected to dangerous situations.”

Simple Plug and Play 

The new plug and play system comprises an easily portable and industrial radio remote control solutionthat can be mounted and dismounted on machines very quickly, leaving behind the standard machine in its original form.

Every remote-control kit is protected by a dedicated password, with two-way communicationproviding all the important information about the loader (such as fuel and oil status, warnings, etc.) on a 3.5-inch transflective colour backlit LCD display.

The system provides most of the functions that can be performed via direct loader operation, including throttle, light, creep and float controls. There is also speed management control to ensure easier operation in certain applications (such as trenching, tilling, scarifying and so on).The system is very intuitive to use and the training for end users will be provided by Bobcat dealers.

The Remote Control System is supplied with two exchangeable batteries offering a long 20-hour battery life. The protective caseensures it is easier to transport from one job site to another. This forms part of an updated state-of-the-artergonomic designwith the system housed in a rugged and weatherproof enclosure.

World Leader in Attachments

As a market leader worldwide in attachments, Bobcat offers customers many advantages in this market. They include the company‘s One-Stop-Shop approach – providing every possible combination of machine and attachment from one source and an impressive stock of products available for immediate shipment. This is backed by the service support of the comprehensive Bobcat dealer network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, offering Service Specialists and excellent Parts availability to reduce downtime.

The warranty protection available from Bobcat allows customers to avoid the disputes that may arise from the compatibility and operating problems that are caused by the use of non-approved attachments. In contrast, all Bobcat attachments are engineering approved, ensuring that they are optimized for efficiency, performance and greater productivity. This results in lower operating and maintenance costs.

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