BIONIC – Blaney’s New superhuman helper


Blaney Motor are excited to launch a new mini loader – the BIONIC  S1 035.  The new Blaney BIONIC though small in size offers massive capabilities for many tasks involved in any building project and throughout the construction site. This new superhuman helper can lift six times that of a man and 12 times what is recommended we should lift.  This little machine is less than 1500mm long and can fit through the door of a lift, which makes the BIONIC capable of more than we can imagine.

Following extensive customer consultation the BIONIC has been developed to be compact, mobile and manoeuvrable with the ability to do a variety of tasks. What makes this mini loader so handy is that you don’t have to climb into this machine or open doors.  You can quickly and easily step on and step off, moving from job to job.

Blaney’s optional high flow oil drive for attachments gives endless applications.  An advantage over a small tractor is that all implements are in front of you, with a small hitch for trailer work.  With over 25 years’ experience in developing attachments, the BIONIC can be equipped with a range of attachments to carry out tasks on site and for building and renovation works.  Could you do with some extra help with: lifting, loading, shifting or sweeping? Then put the Blaney BIONIC to work.

This versatile mini loader is ideal for working in tight and awkward areas thanks to its small size and zero turning circle.  With a bucket capacity bigger than a wheelbarrow it is ideal for disposing of debris and waste packaging and given its ability to reach over 2m it can tip into a trailer easily, making it better than any wheelbarrow.

The BIONIC is ideal for working in tight spaces in small extensions or commercial buildings for transporting tools and materials. It can be fitted with a rock hammer for breaking concrete, scraping up tiles and if fitted with a sweeper can make the end of task tidy up quicker and easier.  Equipped with forks it is ideal for unloading site deliveries and moving  pallets up to 350kg.  Round the field or garden the BIONIC can be used to cut grass in hard to reach areas, lift stones and bore holes for strainers and fencing.

Blaney Motor Company, part of the Blaney Group of engineering companies based in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland is known for designing and manufacturing innovative off road vehicles including compact wheeled loaders.  The New BIONIC is an exciting addition to their range and was showcased  at this year’s Balmoral Show alongside Blaney Motor’s compact L1 loader range.

The team at Blaney will be pleased to speak to you about how a machine can be tailored to suit you.  Blaney Motor are developing their dealer network and welcome trade enquiries.  For more information call from NI/UK 028 2587 8744, from outside UK 0044 28 2587 8744, email , visit www.blaneymotor.comand follow the company on facebook or twitter .