99 Volvos for Chepstow Plant



Chepstow Plant International has placed an order with Volvo dealer SMT GB for 99 machines for its mineral, aggregates and earthmoving fleet.

Chepstow’s fleet is now two-thirds Volvo

Volvo construction machinery now accounts for nearly two thirds of Chepstow Plant’s fleet.

The latest order includes: 20 excavators ranging from the EC250E to the EC480E (25- 50 tonnes); 20 wheeled loaders from the L120H up to the recently introduced 24-tonne, 5.6m³ capacity L260H; and 59 articulated haulers, of which nearly half are the A30G.

“With significant and continued growth along with new business opportunities presenting themselves, it’s vital we can rely on performance and service back-up, along with advances in machine telemetry and operating data,” said Chepstow Plant International managing director John Corcoran. “To this end, we are at the vanguard, working proactively with SMT GB and Volvo Construction Equipment in helping to shape and enhance safety in our equipment.”

For example, the new Volvo articulated haulers use telemetry to log the number of ‘fail tip’ situations that arise on site. If the operator attempts to tip the load when the hauler is sitting at a 9º + lateral angle, the body will not raise and the attempted tip will register as a ‘fail tip’ or near miss occurrence. This is then recorded by the CareTrack system for subsequent investigation and corrective action to be taken.  

“The good news is that since we have been equipping our articulated haulers with this system we have witnessed a significant decrease in unsafe tipping,” said John Corcoran. “However, it’s dangerous to assume that by fitting this safety device the problem goes away. Part of the equation is supporting the use of said systems with rigorous and continued training to eliminate complacency, and again, we are at the forefront of providing training programmes for both our own, as well as our clients’ operators.”