WOLFFKRAN Ltd, the leading tower crane manufacturer, has announced that it will be launching a campaign to find the UK Tower Crane Operator of the Year for 2023.

The company will join the UK Plant Operator of the Year competition as the Tower Crane category sponsor.
A first for the Tower Crane industry, the Wolffkran campaign will showcase the skills and expertise of crane operators from across the UK.
The event will take place on September 30th, 2023, at the National Construction College, Bircham Newton, finals day of the UK Plant Operator of the Year competition.

A series of tasks conducted under the supervision of and judged by the CITB will take place, ensuring each operator has the chance to demonstrate why they should be crowned Tower Crane Operator for 2023.

The Tower Crane selected for competitors to test operators’ ability will be the WOLFF 6023 Saddle Jib Crane, which is owned by the CITB and sited at the National Construction College. The crane, purchased in 2022, has received excellent feedback from all that have been trained thus far, whether they be apprentice crane operators, or upskilling seasoned professionals.

The WOLFF 6023 crane is seen as the perfect addition to the competition.

We spoke with Richard Coughtrey, Managing Director of WOLFFKRAN Ltd, who said,
“WOLFFKRAN Ltd is delighted to support the competition and promote the heavy lifting sector to a wider audience. We are thrilled to sponsor the UK Plant Operator of the Year competition and to provide Tower Crane Operators with the opportunity to showcase their skills and experience.
The event will help attract more people into our industry, which is essential to meet the growing demand for plant and crane operators.”

UK Plant Operator of the Year Publisher Brian Coogan said, “We are equally delighted to welcome Wolffkran to the 2023 Plant Operator of the Year campaign. This new category gives a different and welcome dimension to the competition. The product may also be different, but the challenges and opportunities are the same”.

Brian continued…” The CITB National Construction College (NCC) at Bircham Newton provides best-in-class training for aspiring plant and crane operators. The focus this campaign will deliver, will be good for the industry, good for crane operators and good for the promotion of training and best practice”.

Applications for entry to become the Tower Crane Operator of 2023 are now open. Click here to register, we will then be in touch with further information.

WolffKran UK Sales Director Adrian Hawkins said “The UK Plant Operator of the Year competition is a fantastic opportunity for operators to showcase their skills and compete against their peers, WOLFFKRAN Ltd is proud to be involved. The company’s support for the event reflects its commitment to the industry and the training and development of future plant and crane operators”.

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