When the crusher bucket transformed into a primary crusher in the quarry.


Quarries put a strain on the machinery fleet traditionally used on construction sites. What is needed is machinery that is reliable, durable, easy to maintain, safe, and provides high productivity to cope with the hectic pace of the mining industry. So what are the key elements that made customers choose an MB jaw crusher as their primary crusher in the quarry?

In India a customer had accumulated a large amount of unused basalt in his quarry. However, storing these huge piles of material was costly, so he installed an MB Crusher BF120.4 jaw crusher on his Doosan 340 excavator, to process the rocks directly in the quarry and reuse them on site for internal road maintenance work. Before using the MB Crusher he had two choices: either take the material to another quarry where there was a large crusher plant or bring a mobile crushing plant to the quarry. Two solutions that would still have proved pricey. Just as expensive as stockpiling the material.

Let’s continue to explore quarries around the world, one customer in Italy uses an MB jaw crusher as a primary crusher to reduce extracted talc, for concrete production. In addition, the crusher bucket is also used to process aggregates for the concrete needed for underground mining. By installing a BF135.8 crusher bucket on a Cat 365 excavator already in the quarry, the process became more efficient: in fact, the excavator easily crushes the material in different areas of the quarry, without needing to haul more equipment or material to and from the site. A very profitable operation. Saving time is crucial to cutting costs, and MB Crusher buckets can easily streamline the job. Suffice it to say that installing the equipment and adjusting the jaws to change the output size takes less than half an hour, eliminating the need to take the machine to a specialized shop.

Flexibility and quality
A concrete example is given by an Indian customer working with basalt. By installing the BF90.3 crusher bucket on a Komatsu PC200 excavator, the customer was able, by setting the size of the output material to his customers’ requirements, to achieve an excellent quality end product, resulting in an increase in demand of their material. MB Crusher buckets are true portable jaw crushers that work off the hydraulic system of the heavy machine on which they are installed. They are reliable, with a robust structure, characterized by ease of maintenance and safe operation. They represent the ideal tool for any quarry. Their extreme flexibility ensures efficient operations, and in addition, thanks to
being installed on heavy equipment, they do not require specialized transportation. An extremely easy solution!

Especially when you take into consideration that to install a new crusher or replace a stationary plant, various factors must be considered, such as the desired production volume, the estimated number of machines, the installation phase, all maintenance costs, and all processing stages. However, the choice should be primarily based on efficiency and profitability.