Updates to Magnet Construct V4


Topcon Positioning GB has introduced MAGNET Construct V4 for Android and iOS.

MAGNET Construct is a field software that directly communicates with survey hardware to provide a full data collection and setting out workflow, with users now able to go beyond basic layout applications to advanced positioning workflows in order to ensure accuracy on site. 

Topcon has added topographical and stakeout functionalities commonly used by surveyors and site engineers to MAGNET Construct, along with other new features like contour calculators, live data labels and enhanced 3D map capabilities. In addition, MAGNET Construct has an updated and configurable interface enabling operators to work precisely while controlling GNSS and robotic total station instruments.

The software offers the flexibility to work from the new Topcon FC-6000A ruggedized Android controller or directly from a mobile device, and can be used as a dedicated solution or to complement existing setups. 

Topcon MAGNET Construct is available to download via Google Play or the Apple store. To set up the software, users should purchase a subscription from Topcon, and set up automatic license renewal with the Topcon subscription manager.  

For more information, visit: www.topconpositioning.com/support/products/magnet-construct