The Cat Trials are Back!


Gigantic Jenga. Tug-o-War with the Mountain. Two Guinness World Records. From Rio de Janeiro to a Chinese mountain side, you’ve seen Cat products and services accomplish some incredible feats. That’s why Caterpillar are pleased to announce The Cat Trials are back!


You know there’s a challenge around every corner and Cat products and services allow you to rise above them and do the work.

The Cat Trials have documented some incredible feats… from a gigantic game of Jenga to an outrageous setup of dominoes. From a mountain of a man taking on bulldozer to twin pro golfers aiming for a hole-in-one on a moving green. They’ve been all over the world…. from the beaches of Rio de Janiero to a remote village on the side of a mountain in China. And don’t forget the China shop where we let a “bull” loose. Along the way, the Trials have rumbled their way into the Guinness Book of World Records… twice!