The TH range by Magni machines has a completely new design and concept, designed to fulfill the expectations of the industry and building sectors

The overall dimensions of these units are compact, if compared to their lifting capacities – perfect to move freely in every job-site and conditions. The design can easily be traced back to us, with its soft lines and unmistakable red synonymous with passion and performances.

The axles, equipped with multidisc brakes in oil bath ensures with the 4WD and the 4WS a perfect traction on the ground. Even in the most severe conditions moreover the levelling system, standard for this range, helps the operator to work on irregular terrain, granting +/-8° adjustments.

The chassis is lowered (except 5,5.24 and 6.20) compared to the other TH machines, to guarantee an extra stability when the load is suspended. In doing so we have shifted the center of gravity downwards, making it even more stable and adherent to the ground also in off-road conditions. Despite this we can guarantee an outstanding ground clearance to operate on rough terrains.

The cabin is our registered one, fully equipped with all the comforts: full visibility, FOPS/ROPS, 100% air filtration, adjustable steering column. 

A 7” touch screen helps the operator to easily visualize the main info about different features of the unit (Driving/lifting/outriggers/cab management) making this system very intuitive. This system helps the operator to control and manage properly the machine showing written messages in 11 languages.

The stabilizers are pivoting, quick to deploy and position, also thanks to the auto-levelling system. They guarantee maximum stability thanks to the large contact surface. When closed there is no protrusion, perfect for moving around tight space. 

This machine is equipped with a powerful Deutz engine – available in Stage V (to meet the required to meet the standards required by (EU) regulation 2016/1628 on European emission standards) or IV final or IIIA. This choice was dictated by the desire to be able to easily source the entire range in all markets, without the need for conversion kits.

This engine has been designed for easy access and facilitating maintenance. The 75Kw version, the high-end solution comes with standard air-conditioning, basket predisposition and possibility to work with suspended loads while on the other end the 55Kw is the basic ones but is possible to add, for now, the air-conditioning as options. Similarly, all models are also available with Stage IV final and IIIA engines. 

All models feature a load-sensing system (350 bar effective working pressure). It is composed of an l/s high pressure pump for hydraulic movement; two electro-proportional joysticks and a SIL 2 main safety valve which complies with EN 13489 concerning the safety of electronic controls. 

The electronic management of the hydraulic system allows it to select the best engine speed for the hydraulic power required, providing reductions in fuel consumption. We prefer to use pipes in order to have less counter pression compare to hoses, less oil heating and a tidier installation that help in a maintenance phase.

Magni software allows management of flow sharing, guaranteeing both safety and precision of each hydraulic movement (up to 3/4 movements at a time).

The boom is manufactured in high-tensile steel making it extremely tough but at the same time flexible – increasing the load capacity. An automatic attachment system is fitted as standard an all the range on the boom head, making our equipment very safe and granting the interchangeability of attachments between TH and RTH ranges.

When the attachment is coupled it is recognized automatically and the display upload the load chart and the load limit device is set for the specific attachment.

For the TH 6.20 and TH 5,5.24 models, a side-shift system is fitted as standard, allowing lateral movement of the rear of the frame and, with it, the telescopic boom, in relation to the longitudinal axis of the machine to move sideways in relation to the longitudinal to correct the position of the load without having to move the vehicle. This system allows a translation of +/-5° which corresponds to a displacement of 1.5 m when the boom is fully extended.

Each model is equipped with 4-wheel drive and steering to ensure maximum stability in every condition.

This solution allows maximum freedom of movement and 3 types of steering:

  • concentric
  • frontal 
  • crab steering

All 75 kW and 100 kW models can be used in combination with our platforms.

These models comply with the EN1459-1 standard, so you can work at height with the platform in complete safety.

All baskets are also equipped with a non-slip floor, anchor eyes and safety devices, anchorage eyelets and electronic safety features for constant monitoring during work at height.