Rototilt annually organizes the social campaign, Excavator Hero. The concept can change from year-to-year but the purpose is always the same, to pay attention to skilled machine operators who are the backbone of their respective industries. This year, Rototilt has chosen to update the concept.

This year’s edition has begun, under the popular campaign name of Excavator Hero but with a digital twist. This year’s concept has welcomed 12 Rototilt tiltrotator operators from all over the world who are active on social media. With self-produced films, varying in themes they will show what they can do with their excavator, with the tiltrotator in focus. The aim is to allow a platform for the competitors to showcase their content, themselves & their beloved equipment.

Our products only create power in the hands of the machine operators. We want to lift skilled people who, with the help of their tiltrotator, perform impressive work & love to share these results with the digital world.

“These are our customers who are active on social media in spreading knowledge & passion regarding the possibilities when using a tiltrotator. We want help and give them an even larger stage to present themselves,” says Jack Sklenar, Social Media Coordinator at Rototilt.

The campaign will continue throughout October, coming to an end in November. The winning video will be awarded with travel, accommodation and admission to Bauma 2022 as well as the title Excavator Hero 2021. The winner will be announced at the end of November.

More about the Excavator Hero campaign
The 12 participants’ self-produced films are published on the website www.excavatorhero.com. There, anyone can visit and vote for their favorite video. The three videos in groups A & B will progress to a semi-final, with the top three again competing in the final. The winner will be crowned Excavator Hero 2021 & receive personalized merchandise, travel, accommodation & admission to BAUMA 2022.