Through a solution that provides smart integration between Volvo excavators and Rototilt tiltrotators, Volvo CE is providing end-customers with the opportunity to more easily choose a Rototilt tiltrotator with all its smart functions.

“Volvo CE is partnering with Rototilt through a global development agreement,” says Malcolm Long, Rototilt UK Ltd General Manager. “This is very positive and brings tremendous benefits to our customers with Volvo machines, as well as to Volvo dealers.”

Excavators from Volvo factories can now be delivered ready for tiltrotator systems from Rototilt. This entails a number of benefits for both contractors and dealers. The main benefit for users is that Rototilt’s control systems and sensors can now communicate with Dig Assist, Volvo’s factory-installed excavation system, via a smart integration solution.

“The new platform is exciting and brings the best that you can get today on the excavator market. Certain solutions, such as Smart Connect allows different brands of tiltrotator to integrate seamlessly with our machine and DigAssist, are unique and bring significant customer value,” says Kurt Deleu, Head of excavator product management EU/INT Volvo CE.

“Contractors are placing higher demands on good, simple and functional integration between excavators and the tiltrotators they choose,” says Malcolm Long at Rototilt. “Moreover, integration is also provided with the excavators in general. This is a really good solution. In short – a solution that responds to customers’ needs in a good way.”

The result is also a much safer, and consistently better implementation of the tiltrotator system on the new machines that this embraces. Something that will also likely to be appreciated by end-customers.

The agreement applies worldwide, and the technical solution has been developed in a joint project with Volvo’s development department during 2020 for introduction in stages. Volvo’s excavators EC250 and EC300 are first out and delivery will begin as early as the beginning of 2021.

Besides the benefits above, users now also have access to safe technical solutions, not least Rototilt’s award-winning, fully automatic, quick coupler system QuickChange™, as well as the quick coupler safety system SecureLock™.