Datatag and CESAR Security Scheme unveil groundbreaking technology for Police and Security Agencies

In a significant advancement in the field of asset security, Datatag, the delivery partner of the Construction Equipment Association’s (CEA) CESAR Security Scheme, has unveiled its latest innovation of a RAPID check (Registered Assets Police Information Database) and a cutting-edge ‘Ultra Tag’ RFID transponder.

This breakthrough is expected to considerably enhance the security of construction and agricultural machinery across the globe by equipping every police officer with the means to quickly check a machine’s ‘status’ on the secure database and significantly extend the read range of the CESAR system’s RFID transponders to assist police further.

The ‘Ultra Tag’, an ultra-secure RFID chip, is impervious to interrogation and compromise. Its enhanced reading distance, when used with a Datatag scanner, marks a substantial improvement in identification technology. This development is poised to significantly bolster the resilience of tagged assets against theft and tampering.

RAPID, a web-based application, represents a year of dedicated development by the team at Datatag and consolidates data of approximately 625,000 construction and agricultural machines into a single, accessible platform. The database is a huge benefit for law enforcement agencies, allowing all 142,000 police officers in the UK, and countless others globally, to access comprehensive data with just a smartphone. From South End to South Africa, the reach of a RAPID check is truly global.

The system offers a secure amalgamation of police, manufacturer, and insurance data and by simply entering a part of a vehicle identification number (VIN) or any related number, officers can rapidly determine the status of a machine. This feature is particularly crucial in identifying stolen machinery quickly thereby securing recovery and assisting in prosecutions.

CESAR, fast approaching a registration of 625,000 systems, has seen its most significant enhancement in 16 years with the advent of the RAPID check application. This tool not only promises a transformation in asset security but also symbolises a giant leap in the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding machinery and equipment assets.

Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag: “The launch of the RAPID check service and the Ultra Tag represents a monumental stride in our commitment to advancing security technology. These innovations are not just about protecting assets; they’re about empowering all law enforcement with the tools they need to combat theft and secure vital machinery. Our Ultra Tag is a game-changer in RFID technology, offering unparalleled security features that are virtually tamper-proof. We believe that our new RAPID check will revolutionise the way police officers across the globe interact with and safeguard construction and agricultural machinery.”

Suneeta Johal, CEO of the Construction Equipment Association (CEA): “The introduction of the RAPID check, in collaboration with Datatag, marks a new era in asset protection and data accessibility. This innovative tool is a significant leap forward for the CESAR Scheme, enhancing our capability to safeguard over 600,000 registered machines. It’s a proud moment for us to see how far we’ve come since the inception of CESAR.

With RAPID, we are not just providing a database; we are offering a comprehensive security solution that will redefine industry standards and offer peace of mind to equipment owners worldwide.”

As the CESAR Scheme continues to expand, RAPID stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution and sophistication of asset protection technology. This development heralds a new era in security, offering unparalleled protection and peace of mind for asset owners and law enforcement agencies alike.