With over a 1,000 installations in 30 countries, CM Labs has for the past 25 years, built hi-tech simulator solutions to help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations.

Developer of Vortex Studio, the industry-leading platform for creating real-time interactive simulations within virtual environments, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping and testing.

The company’s earthmoving equipment simulator training packs are powered by decades of innovation and research into dirt simulation, so trainees learn proper digging, loading, and dumping techniques that transfer to the work site. With self-paced learning exercises, trainees can work independently to develop safe work habits that get real-world results.

With a client base that includes Honda, Hitachi, Liebherr, Volvo and NASA, CM Labs have announced that they will partner with UK Plant Operators Magazine and become a category sponsor at the 2023 UK Plant Operator of the Year, being held in conjunction with the CITB.

CM labs have provided a range of simulator solutions to the CITB. The simulators have been installed in the UK’s largest training facility of its kind, at the National Construction College in Bircham Newton. This world class environment enables Plant Operator apprentices to train and interact with numerous construction machines prior to, and in conjunction with, real time

Visitors to the final of UK Plant Operator of the year will, on September 30th be able to tour the NCC and see the simulators and the software designed and installed by CM labs, for the CITB and the latest intake of apprentices.

‘Big Carl’ Crane Challenge for CM Labs.

BYLOR – a joint venture between European engineering and construction specialists Bouygues Travaux Publics and Laing O’Rourke – is delivering the main civil engineering works at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station for UK-based EDF Energy. For this project estimated at £2.8 billion, the company will erect more than 50 tower cranes. The site will also host the world’s largest crane, nick- named ‘Big Carl’, which is capable of reaching 165m (541 feet) and lift up to 5,000 tonnes.
On Site Simulation.

In order to safely and efficiently train the construction personnel required for such an undertaking, BYLOR made the decision to install a CM Labs’ crane simulator on-site.
The five-screen Vortex Advantage creates a full field of view and includes a dynamic motion platform – replicating the real operator experience as closely as possible.

“We have been working closely with Hinkley Point C and the BYLOR lifting and plant team for over two years,” said Amir Khosh, commercial sales at CM Labs’ European partner, ST Engineering Antycip. “The client wanted to ensure they can boast the most realistic simulator in the market for training operators.

Amir Continued…” This was very important, as there are simulators on the market that do not replicate the actual realistic physics of lifting equipment, which could potentially lead to real-world dangers. CM Labs’ simulators teach transferable skills that can be applied on real equipment without risk of negative training and teaching bad habits, especially to the future of younger operators.”

CM Labs’ high winds and poor visibility training scenarios prepare BYLOR crane operators for increased productivity and reduced incidents.
New crane and signaller station training simulators, as part of a large, multi-crane installation, help operators hone their skills in extreme weather conditions without setting foot outside.

“Simulation is the perfect environment for challenging projects where training is difficult, unsafe, or expensive,” said Alan Limoges, Product Manager for CM Labs Construction Division”.
Because the simulator training is very immersive and realistic, operators can log the hours spent on the equipment towards official logbooks. The system can run training modules for a flat top tower crane (saddle-jib), a luffing tower crane, a crawler crane, a rough-terrain mobile crane, and an overhead traveling gantry crane.

Four Seasons in One Day.

Francois Swanepoel, BYLOR lifting lead, said: “We can set up scenarios where operators start a task in good conditions, but then we make it snow or bring down fog.
We watch how they respond and talk to them about what they did. This really helps the operator to become familiar with difficult scenarios in a risk-free way.”

Swanepoel believes that the significant investment made will prove to be money well spent. “In the long run we’ll see massive benefits in terms of avoiding potential incidents, and an improvement in each operator’s ability,” he said. “You simply wouldn’t be able to train people to the same level if everything had to be done on the job.”

Find out more about CM Labs here: https://www.cm-labs.com/en/