New Reveals from Steelwrist Ahead of a Busy Show Season.


Steelwrist has revealed a third generation of Tiltrotators , introduced a new product category as well as announcing two new rotor couplers, besides a range of new compactors and grapples.

The centrepiece of the new product launch includes the first model of the third generation Steelwrist tiltrotators, the XTR20, which demonstrates several innovative features both from a hardware and software perspective.

The XTR20 is the first in line of Steelwrist third generation tiltrotators which is targeted towards16-20 ton excavators with the objective of taking efficiency to the next level. 

LockSense – a new patented safety solution for work tool locking and OptiLube – an onboard

lubrication system, are just some of the technical developments of the third generation high

performance Steelwrist tiltrotators. The XTR20 is available with both S60 and SQ60 couplers

and is designed to allow for an upgrade from S60 to SQ60, providing the customer with

flexibility to adapt as the needs evolve.

Cast in Steel. 

The new XTR20 has steel casted components including the upper coupler, gearbox as well as

the quick coupler below the tiltrotator. Despite its compact build, reducing the overall height,

the XTR20 maintains the 45 degree tilting angle.

Smooth Operator.

Steelwrist’s tilt geometry has evolved even further on the XTR20 all to offer the

smoothest operation for the operator. Designed with off centre tilt cylinder brackets, the tilt

cylinders have become shorter, optimizing the tilt geometry. This leads to minimized cylinder

spread throughout the tilt stroke, providing a fluid and high-torque movement.

No More Lube: 

The XTR20 is lubrication free with triple-sealed bearings in all the main joints. Triple sealed means that bearings are sealed against dust or dirt penetration.

Of course, it can happen that operators forget to grease the tiltrotator or do not grease enough.  The thinking behind OptiLube is to make sure the tiltrotator is greased with the right amount, at the right time all with the purpose to increase the lifespan of the attachment. 

LockSense a Leap in Safety Technology.

The XTR20 features the patented LockSense technology – a state-of-the-art sensor system for secure work tool locking. The innovative LockSense solution has the necessary features to be aligned with upcoming safety regulations. The wireless solution eliminates the hassle of delicate cables in exposed positions with a battery life time of approximately five years.

Operators receive both visual and auditory confirmations, ensuring that every work tool change is secure and reliable. It is more than just safety; it is peace of mind, ensuring that every job site is as safe as it is efficient.

Look out for more about the new products launched by Steelwrist in the next edition of UKPO Magazine.