Pezzolato S.p.a. presents a new line of accessories for its chippers: the “High Tipper” containers.

This type of container is very common in Northern and Central Europe and it is ideal for medium productivity chipping needs, combined with the requirement to work independently.

All the components of the machine (chipper, crane and container) can be easily managed from inside the tractor cab, allowing a single operator and a single vehicle to carry out the chipping of branches and logs and the collection, transport and unloading of the processed material inside trailers.

There are two models of Pezzolato “High Tipper” containers which have already been delivered and are now available for sale: the “High Tipper L” version on a two-axle trailer, with loading and transport capacity up to 13 cubic meters; and the “High Tipper XL” version mounted on a three-axle trailer (with first and third steering axle), for containing and transporting up to 20 cubic meters. Both models are designed to easily unload the chipped material inside the transport unit (reaching a height of more than 4 meters), avoiding any loss of material (also thanks to the special “tilting protection”).

The new accessory can be installed on all PTH chippers and allows to work on the disposal and transformation of wood without any interruption, even without a trailer for unloading.
In the video it is possible to see a PTH 500 with power take-off on double-axle trailer, combined with crane and tipping container. A compact combination, easy to manage even by a single operator and perfect for optimizing the green maintenance operations.