New Cat® RM600 and RM800 reclaimer/stabilizers offer more power, performance and productivity for full-depth reclamation and soil stabilization projects

Expanding the product line, the new Cat® RM600 and RM800 reclaimer/stabilizers offer the power, performance and productivity needed to efficiently complete full-depth reclamation and soil stabilization projects. These versatile machines compete at the high end of the reclaimer/stabilizer size class with an all-new adjustable height design capable of cross-slope cutting. Their powerful turbocharged Cat C18 engine gives the RM600 up to 17% more power than the RM500B. The RM800 delivers up to 42% more power than the RM500B and up to 23% more power than the RM600.

These reclaimer/stabilizer models adopt key rotor system components from Cat cold planers for dependable cutting and mixing. Featuring a belt driven rotor drive system, the machine is capable of flush-cutting on the right side. The new System K rotor uses the same cold planer fastener-free, dual-taper toolholder and base block components to deliver superior material quality on a range of projects. Exit and return-to-cut features simplify operation, save time and ensure the machine maintains a consistent depth of cut.

Efficient power, high mix quality
Two configurations are available for the Cat C18 engine to meet regional emissions requirements. Its robust cooling system uses cool air intake to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Allowing the system to cool more efficiently to extend cleaning and maintenance intervals, automatic cooling fans periodically cycle in reverse to clean the heat exchangers. A single Electronic Control Module (ECM) monitors engine performance and provides diagnostics to the operator.

With front-to-rear weight distribution optimized for stability in tough cuts, standard electronically controlled all-wheel drive maximizes traction and mobility for the new RM600 and RM800. Four height adjustable legs provide up to + or – 14% (8 degrees) of slope on either side when working on uneven terrain or to maintain traction in challenging soil stabilization applications.

Two high-tensile, six-rib belts with automatic tensioning prevent slippage, while the rotor drive features a hydraulically actuated, heavy-duty clutch that does not require adjustment. Abrasion-resistant, high-strength alloys of the System K rotor can withstand tough, high-power applications, and the cutting tools are strategically placed to deliver ideal material sizing and homogeneous mixing results. The versatile rotor can be configured with bolt-on paddle toolholder protection for full-depth reclamation applications or wedge protection to reduce drag for full-depth reclamation soil stabilization applications.

The new models offer the power and performance to efficiently cut 2438 mm (96 in) wide at up to 508 mm (20 in) deep. Advanced electronic controls plus automatic load control maintain rotor mixing depth and optimum machine speed to deliver ideal mix quality. Adjusting the front and rear mixing chamber doors enables instant modification of material gradation, and an easy-to-read indicator on the touchscreen display informs the operator of door positions. A rear rotor chamber door float feature simplifies operation by allowing the operator to select the desired down pressure. RM600 and RM800 also offer bi-directional cutting capability.

Increased versatility
Wheel positioning at the corners lends to a highly maneuverable reclaimer/stabilizer design. The machines can navigate an incredibly small 3.1-m (10.1-ft) inside turning radius. Four steering modes – front only, rear only, crab and coordinated – further improve on-site maneuverability. Offering up to + or – 14% (8 degrees) of slope on either side when working on uneven terrain or to maintain traction in challenging soil stabilization applications, the four-post, adjustable-height design improves stability and cutting precision.

Water and emulsion spray systems are available for the new machines, and the emulsion system features self-cleaning nozzles and is designed to deliver water as well as bitumen emulsion. Computerized metering delivers accurate application rates with variable flow rates of 30 to 1,900 L/min (8 to 500 gal/min) for water and 30 to 850 L/min (8 to 225 gal/min) for emulsion to meet site needs. The operator controls additive flow and customizes spray width from inside the cab.

Simple, comfortable operation
Inspired by the RM400 design, controls are grouped by function for quick and easy access. A small handwheel provides precise steering, while the operator easily matches machine speed and functions to gradation specification via the large, 25 cm (10 in) color touchscreen displays and pushbutton controls.

Hydraulically sliding side-to-side, the cab is easily positioned to enhance visibility to the front and sides of the machine. Floor-to-ceiling glass and an angle pane on the right-hand side provide a clear view to the work ahead and the leading edge of the cutting chamber. The cab’s fully pressurized design with air conditioning and heater/defroster provides a comfortable environment for the operator while keeping noise, dust and the elements out.

Standard and optional cameras augment performance and safety for the new RM600 and RM800. Enhancing fore and aft visibility, standard front- and rear-mounted cameras provide configurable guidelines on the touchscreen display. Two standard cameras mounted above the front and rear mixing chamber doors give operators visibility to obstructions and material gradation. Optional side-mount cameras provide views to each side of the machine.

Reduced maintenance
Long service intervals reduce owning and operating costs for the RM600 and RM800. Engine oil service intervals occur every 500 operating hours. Provided recommended sampling schedules are followed, hydraulic oil service and coolant replacement intervals are extended to 6,000 and 12,000 hours respectively. Accessing maintenance points is easy with daily checkpoints centrally located on a secure platform.

The standard compressed air system can power pneumatic tools and offers two access points to reduce the time for rotor bit changes. Service mode allows the engine to run while the machine is locked out, supplying compressed air so the rotor can be safely serviced. Side service doors provide quick access to inspect or change end ring bits without reaching inside the rotor chamber. Further simplifying rotor maintenance, the rotor can be hydraulically powered to turn in either direction using a control pendant.

The new models feature built-in diagnostics to monitor machine systems, alert the operator of performance issues and simplify troubleshooting. Standard Product Link™ provides critical machine condition, operating and location data and enables the use of Cat Remote Services. Dealers can virtually diagnose machine issues prior to dispatching a technician using Remote Troubleshoot, helping to ensure the right tools and parts are available to perform repairs. Remote Flash makes sure the machine is working with the latest software, updated at a time convenient to the production schedule. 

More information on the Cat RM600 and RM800 reclaimer/stabilizers can be found by contacting a Cat dealer or visiting www.cat.com.