– New attachments are designed for Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders –

Bobcat has expanded the company’s attachment range with the launch of two new BrushcatTM rotary cutter models and a new log grapple attachment for the company’s range of small articulated loaders (SALs).  

The new Brushcat attachments offer cutting widths of 1118 and 1372 mm, respectively, and are the smallest models in the full line-up of Brushcat rotary cutters, which offers larger models with cutting widths of 1676, 1829 or 2032 mm.

Like the new smaller Brushcat attachments, the log grapple is compatible with both the Bobcat L23 and L28 SAL models. The log grapple meets the challenging demands of landscaping and site clearing jobs and is ideal for customers seeking maximum productivity by increasing the versatility of their machines. The log grapple can also be used on the new MT100 mini track loader.

New Bobcat Brushcat Attachments

Like the larger models, the two new smaller Brushcat attachments deliver powerful cutting and mulching action in areas of untamed growth and can pass through gates and other narrow entrances to work in areas that are inaccessible to larger machines. They are designed to handle tough brush clearing jobs in a wide variety of applications, such as agriculture, forestry, landscaping, municipalities, parks and recreation areas. The light weight, short deck and superior oscillation of these attachments enable the brush cutter to follow ground contours in order to maintain a clean cut, even on slopes.

The new Brushcat attachments feature a high-efficiency, direct-drive motor that maximizes hydraulic horsepower for optimal cutting and mulching of tall, thick vegetation in one pass. The high cutting speed and heavy-duty blades maximize momentum to cut and mulch vegetation up to 5 cm in diameter.

New Log Grapple Attachment

The new log grapple is the perfect attachment for any landscaping project, as it can easily clean up after cutting or trimming trees and bushes. Overall, the log grapple brings the best out of Bobcat SALs, increasing their versatility and providing savings in both time and money. From cleaning and recycling to discarding or collecting branches and logs, with its heavy-duty teeth there is no job the new log grapple cannot tackle.

The log grapple attachment also has reinforced tines, which with the heavy-duty teeth provides outstanding grip when managing unwieldy logs and brush. Rope bollards provide an additional anchor point, assisting in stability while at work. For increased operator control, the log grapple comes with an integrated tree pusher, ensuring material falls in the intended direction, allowing the operator to accomplish multiple tasks with the same attachment.

Operators will also appreciate the efficiency offered by the log grapple’s 143 cm wide opening and 360° rotation for increased productivity and ease of use. The open sides allow for easy clamping of logs and piles of brush, clearing areas – even in confined spaces – more quickly.

Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders

The Bobcat L23 and L28 SALs offer high lift capacities in confined spaces, ease-of-use with simple intuitive controls and low ground disturbance for working on any terrain. Designed and built by Bobcat at the company’s North American facilities, the new SALs offer impressive stability and tipping loads of up to 1.39 tonne. The machines’ compact size, with a width of just over one metre combined with a tight turning radius, allow Bobcat SALs to work easily even in tricky and hard to reach areas. Despite their robust construction, the SALs are also built to be light enough for easy transportation.

To ensure the new SALs are truly multi-purpose machines, Bobcat has utilised the company’s unmatched expertise in attachments, to develop a special version of the proprietary Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system allowing the use of both S70/MT55 and S100/S450 approved attachments.

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