“We were born and raised amid the oil, grease and diesel of earth-moving machines – say the Azzolin brothers – We worked with them day and night. We’d had an idea buzzing around in our heads for some time though; to come up with an economic and innovative way to reuse the waste materials around the yard. Something that would reduce the costs of transporting and disposing of waste material.”

There were already solutions out there: fixed and mobile crushers, screening plants, etc., but there was one problem: they were all costly to purchase, transport and maintain. And not all of them could be used on any type of construction site, especially sites in hard-to-reach locations or urban areas.

For the next 20 years, MB products have designed and developed revolutionary attachments, manufactured to the highest level of fabrication standards on the market. With a fully integrated and carefully managed supply chain, the company is rightly proud of its products and that they are recognised by the “Made in Italy” reputation.

Mr Azzolin said, “ MB Crusher offers a wide and varied product range and we understand that when our products go to work, our customers want to optimize costs and productivity with a safe solution that delivers real value”.
Operational in the sectors of crushing, demolition and recycling, MB Crusher products can be seen around the globe in a variety of construction, mining, and quarrying settings.

Owners and operators of the world’s leading construction machine manufacturers will fit an MB Crusher Bucket, Screening Bucket, Shaft Screener, Drum Cutter or Grapple to their Excavators, Loaders, Back-hoes and Skid Steer machines of all models and sizes.

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From the companies 180,000 square feet Head Quarters, MB Crusher manages the process of research and development to production and sales. The facility is managed by a team of over 130. The wider global team can be found at eight branch offices, supporting sales on five continents, in 150 countries through 230 distributor outlets. And the team is constantly growing.

MB Crusher is a founding and proud sponsor of the 2021 UK Plant Operator, Operator of the year competition.
“At MB we see this event as much as a celebration of the contribution that plant operators make to the industry. With the use of highly engineered and responsive jaw crusher buckets, screeners, drum cutters or grapple attachments operators can get the job done securely from the cab in a fraction of the time and saving on transportation and acquisition costs, reaching maximum productivity combined with an awareness of the need for rational and economical use of resources.”

“MB Crusher is delighted to sponsor the event; as it is time to recognises the skills of the operators that everyday are manoeuvring and controlling heavy equipment.

In addition, the campaign will create a wider awareness of new product solutions that can make operators, their machine and the site more productive. Clearly, we also recognise the appeal this campaign will have in attracting the next generation of operators into the industry”.