Meet the Judges: Chris Bushell


How long have you worked in the industry?

I have worked in the Construction Industry for around 31 years. I was brought up on a farm, so I have been around and worked with construction machinery from a young age. I even operated (under supervision) during the school holidays and weekends.

What was your first job (In the industry) 

I worked for a Steel Erecting company where I was involved with a variety of tasks. I started to learn and operate mobile cranes during this period of my working career.

How many years at the CITB

I joined the CITB in the summer of 2004, just over 17 years now. I now manage the courses we set in my role of Curriculum manager. 

 What is the most satisfying part of your current role

I genuinely find most of my role highly satisfying. The most satisfying part of my role remains ensuring that we deliver training to the highest standard.  Then from this training it still gives me immense pleasure to watch the learners enter the college, without any experience of the industry, and then develop as individuals and professionals with many going on to have successful careers within the industry.

 From your perspective what is the biggest challenge the industry is facing right now. 

Without a doubt the biggest challenge for the industry right now is the shortage of skilled workers, more critically is the shortage of good quality applicants in the pipeline for apprenticeship roles.

> What are the benefits you see from campaigns such as the UKPO Operator of the Year. 

 I believe that anything that highlights the advantages of the industry and its culture especially in the Plant sector is positive.  I welcome this initiative, as we need to do more to promote the industry for the next generation. The industry is changing for the better but so are the challenges. This is an industry that can offer a lifetime of security and opportunities. Plant operators are the lifeblood of the industry and I along with my fellow judges are very much looking forward to finals day.