Mecalac, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact equipment for urban construction sites, is pleased to launch a brand-new range of swing loaders, further expanding its existing class-leading portfolio.

The all-new AS750, AS850 and AS1000 models join the existing AS600, AS900tele, AS1600 and AS210. Collectively, the impressive range of seven machines provides capacities from 600 to 2,100 litres and offers operators the perfect solution for every job.

Three new swing machines: the perfect solution for every job

The AS750 is the big sister of the Mecalac AS600 Swing Loader, boasting a larger width and an increased wheelbase (1,870 mm) for even greater stability. The engine power has been increased to 45kW / 61hp to provide more lifting and loading capacity, while P-bucket kinematics offer excellent precision during handling operations, particularly with the pallet lift or load hook. The spacious cab, with two doors, provides the operator with excellent visibility, further increasing safety on the job site.


With the AS850, productivity is key. Featuring all the advantages of Mecalac’s swing machines, including a rigid chassis and four-wheel steering, the AS850 is also available in a 40 km/h option for faster transfers. In addition, a brand new arm and “Z” bucket kinematics offer the best compromise between digging power and precision.


A more powerful version of the AS850, the Mecalac AS1000 swing loader excels on any job site thanks to its impressive efficiency and unmatched speed of execution. The AS1000 offers maximum performance with a 4-cylinder 55.4 kW / 75 hp high-torque engine (375 Nm), while the option of a high-flow hydraulic line offers up to 120 l/min – perfect for driving hydraulic attachments.

The strengths of the swing concept

Created by Ahlmann, now Mecalac, in 1953, the swing concept revolutionises the world of loaders with proven efficiency and unrivalled speed of action. It increases your productivity by giving you the ability to drive, manoeuvre and swivel at the same time in complete safety.

Three steering modes for increased mobility
Designed on the basis of a rigid chassis, with three standard steering modes – two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering and crab steering – exceptional mobility is a given.

Proven stability
What the bucket lifts at the front, once the rear axle is blocked, it lifts at 180° without any risk.

Improved management of space
The swing loader, thanks to its arm, pivots instead of moving. This makes takes more efficient and results in less noise and visual pollution, as well as less maintenance, less risk of accidents and less impact on the environment.

The innovative concept of the Mecalac swing loader was born from these observations, with the aim of giving more value to the work of the loader in order to make it more efficient and safer for the operator.

For more information on the swing range, or to find your nearest dealer, visit www.mecalac.com/en