Mecalac launches exclusive telematics offer across excavator range


Mecalac Construction Equipment UK has launched a new promotion across its class-leading portfolio of MCR, MWR, MTX and 15MC excavators. Until 17th October 2020, construction professionals can equip their latest models with telematics functionality and a two-year subscription to MyMecalac Connected Services for less than £400.

Unveiled earlier this year, MyMecalac Connected Services helps operators minimise downtime and optimise productivity through real-time equipment data. From in-depth insight into fuel consumption and unit productivity, to service reminders, maintenance alerts, remote diagnostics and geofencing capability, the service helps keep fleets up-and-running at full speed and full efficiency.

MyMecalac Connected Services provides a smart and reliable solution to enable comprehensive remote fleet management. The limited-time promotional offer is available across Mecalac’s entire excavator portfolio:

Mecalac MCR – Innovative, productive and stylish, the MCR excavators can switch from compact tracked excavator (with a top speed of 10 km/h) to loader (with 360° rotation capability) within seconds. Available in three variants – 6MCR (0.49m2 bucket capacity), 8MCR (0.53m2 bucket capacity) and 10MCR (0.75m2 bucket capacity) – each unit is powered by a 55kW engine.

Mecalac MWR – Blending stability and compact size, the MWR wheeled excavators adopt an innovative wheeled chassis. Four models are available – 7MWR, 9MWR, 11MWR and 15MWR, with different boom options. Incorporating a closed hydrostatic transmission system, each model is fast and nimble, with both two and four-wheel steer (including a crab option) available. Alongside boasting enhanced stability and safety, including direct entry into the cab, the MWR wheeled excavator range can be refuelled from the ground.

Mecalac 15MC – Mecalac’s 15MC tracked crawler-excavator can operate within a single traffic lane and is capable of full rotation in less than a 3,140mm space envelope. Clever kinematics also ensure that all functions can be performed within the tightest parameters. Alongside delivering outstanding power (100kW engine, 500Nm torque and a max pump flow of 270 l/min), the model’s clever design allows diesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) refuelling from the ground, which is unique in the marketplace.

Mecalac MTX – The MTX excavators are a unique combination of excavator, loader, forklift and tool carrier in a single machine. Equipped with a variable-adjustment boom (with offset), each model offers an optimum working envelope. The articulated undercarriage allows for a low centre of gravity and class-leading stability, while a 140 tilting angle enhances manoeuvrability.

Paul Macpherson, Commercial Director at Mecalac Construction Equipment UK, commented: “MyMecalac Connected Services provides equipment owners and operators with an incredibly powerful tool to better understand and manage their machines.

“Our latest promotion is intended to get this pioneering technology into our customers’ hands. In doing so, we believe they will benefit from increased uptime and greater productivity. As with all our promotions, it will only run for a limited time, so interested parties should take advantage while they can!”

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