Mecalac introduces hydraulic thumb for 6MCR and 7MWR excavators


Mecalac Construction Equipment UK has launched a factory-designed hydraulic thumb attachment, suitable for its 6MCR crawler-skid excavator and 7MWR wheeled excavator with two-piece boom.

Designed for a variety of handling applications, the hydraulic thumb makes it significantly easier and faster to hold and move large or long objects. From rocks and branches to concrete debris, the attachment allows for precise operation and placement thanks to proportional control via the excavator’s right joystick thumbwheel.

The thumb is comprised of four stainless steel tines and has manual shut-off valves on both sides of the cylinder to isolate the attachment when not in use. Unlike the grapple, the thumb can be kept on the machine with no need to change tools, even when digging.

Designed for use with a Mecalac CONNECT hydraulic quick coupler, the thumb is controlled via the first auxiliary line (high flow). Classified as a handling device, rather than a lifting device, it does not require safety check valves.

The thumb is available now via the Mecalac configurator or as a kit (reference K7555081). Please note, the kit is only suitable for the two-piece boom excavators mentioned above. For more information on price and availability, contact your sales administration representative or visit