Leading construction machinery manufacturer Kubota is donating €200,000 to the flood-stricken Rhineland-Palatinate region in western Germany.

The area was subject to devastating flashfloods in July, after unprecedented levels of rainfall caused the Rhine to burst its banks. The flooding claimed more than 100 lives and causes millions of Euros worth of damage to towns and cities throughout the state.

Kubota employs more than 600 people in the region via its facility in the town of Zweibrücken, with company president Miko Taguchi compelled to action after seeing images of the flooding online.

Having witnessed the impact of natural disasters in his home country of Japan, Taguchi spearheaded the donation of €200,000 to the region’s state treasury, saying: “Because I am a neighbour, I have to help.”

The donation will go towards those impacted by the flooding, with clear-up and rebuilding efforts currently underway throughout the region.