Kubota has expanded its extensive range of tracked dumpers with the launch of a new electric model, the KC70VSL-4 e, and a new diesel machine, the KC110SL-4.

The KC70VSL-4 e has been developed on the base of the KC70H-4 e, boasting a lithium battery pack of 48V and 120 Ah. The new model will be a perfect fit for customers working in city centres due to its quiet operation. The tracked dumper brings more versatility than the KC70H-4e with a variable track and a self-loading device.

The model has a maximum load capacity of 700kg and is able to transport large quantities of material in a short time. The width of the machine is 758 mm (tracks retracted), allowing users to work in tight areas.

The tracks are also electrically powered, granting better efficiency and less energy consumption. The machine can be charged totally in three hours and reach 80% charge in 1.5 hours. A complete charge will allow a full day’s work.

In addition, the Universal fast external Battery Charger (UBC) is sold with the machine and it works with the following power and tensions (3 kW and from 80V to 240V).

Kubota KC-70

The new KC110SL-4 comes in addition to an existing machine on the segment of tracked dumpers with more than 0,5 m3 of payload, the KC110HR-4. The new dumper is equipped with a front tip skip of 1200kg of capacity and self-loading device.

The KC110SL-4 has a Kubota D722 Stage 5 engine, well known for his reliability and performances. The machine can overcome any slopes up to 20° and will be very useful for construction work, renovation or landscaping.

To learn more about the KC70VSL-4 e and KC110SL-4, or locate your nearest dealer, please visit https://www.kubota-eu.com/.