Hyundai Construction Equipment is introducing a further two EU Stage V compliant A-Series crawler excavators, with the launch of the HX160A L and the HX180A L. These mid-weight machines are powered by the latest Cummins diesel engines, achieving Stage V emissions standards without the need for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Offering improved fuel consumption, the 16 and 18-tonne models deliver improved operating speed and performance, with increased visibility and safety.

Features include:

  • Cummins EU Stage V B4.5 diesel engine delivers 13% increase in power and 27% more torque than previous models
  • Up to a 5% improvement in fuel consumption in levelling and truck loading operations in P mode
  • Particulate Matter (PM) reduction of 60% with no requirement for EGR
  • New Lifting Mode improves fine hydraulic control, using engine rpm reduction, power boost action and pump flow control
  • Upgraded Electric Pump Independent Control (EPIC) optimises hydraulic pump flow rate and power to match the machine’s working conditions

Total control

Hyundai’s Electric Pump Independent Control (EPIC) system has been adopted, to make the most of the additional performance provided by the Cummins B4.5 diesel engine. Both excavators benefit from a 115kW (155hp) gross power output, with a robust 712Nm peak torque available at just 1,200rpm. Twin variable displacement hydraulic pumps deliver 160lpm of flow, providing the HX160A L and HX180A L with increased productivity when compared to many competitor machines.

Improved control of the engine output and the hydraulic system has resulted in increased fuel efficiency, with the excavators achieving a 5% efficiency gain against the previous HX Series when levelling and truck loading in P Mode. By optimising the design of the main control valve and hydraulic hose routing, Hyundai has also minimised energy losses within the system.

A new Lifting Mode improves fine control and lift capability, reducing engine rpm, activating power boost and offering improved pump flow control. The machines are also offered with an optional Fine Swing Control, smoothing the movement of the boom at the start and stop of the swing movement. An Auto Safety Lock is offered as standard, preventing unintended operation of the hydraulic functions of the excavator.

The operator can set boom-lift speed compared to swing speed, by activating and deactivating the boom priority function. Dipper arm in speed can also be fine-tuned, by activating and deactivating the arm regeneration function. It is now possible to save machine settings through the new Key On Init work mode, to apply the settings on engine start-up. The machine owner can also restrict operator access to some functions within the menu if required.

Individual customer requirements

The HX160A L has an operating weight of 17,455-19,050kg, while the HX180A L weighs in at 18,140-19,985kg. Both models can be supplied with a range of track pads, from 500mm to 700mm, while the HX180A L can also be equipped with a low ground pressure 800mm wide pad. Customers can choose to equip either model with a full width dozer blade, increasing versatility, while boosting digging and lifting stability.

The standard monoboom length is 5,100mm and there are three dipper arms offered, at 2,200mm, 2,600mm and 3,100mm in length. These provide maximum digging reaches of up to 9,450mm and a maximum digging depth of 6,530mm. Alternatively, customers can choose a factory two-piece boom, offering a boom length of 5,100mm with arm lengths of 2,200mm and 2,600mm. Maximum digging reach with the two-piece boom is 9,110mm, while maximum digging depth is 5,690mm.

A host of options allows full customisation of the excavators, with buyers able to specify Hyundai’s Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) camera system for maximum visibility and safety on site. Customers can also choose a mirror view camera, helping the operator to cover visual blind spots to the right of the machine.

Operators can specify an optional Level 2 Falling Object Guard (FOG) for the cab and there are optional side protectors for the upperstructure of the machine for use in tight conditions or within more severe operating conditions. Other options include the provision for a three-way valve, for bucket/clamshell operation, an engine air intake pre-cleaner and an engine coolant pre-heater.

Increased precision

The A Series cab provides a 13% increase in internal space for the operator, with an improved grab handle design in the cabin door, making it easier to access the driver’s seat and improving visibility to the side of the machine from the cab. There are also wider, anti-slip steps for easier access to the cab and service areas.

The interior has an 8” capacitive-type touchscreen for all major information, which can also be controlled through an automotive-style jog/dial module. The excavators can be specified with optional proportional auxiliary controls in the Kawasaki joystick lever heads. Single pedal straight travel is also available.

Hyundai’s HX A Series excavators benefit from a host of state-of-the-art digital connectivity technologies. This includes the proven standard Hi-MATE remote management system, that delivers the highest level of service connectivity and remote diagnostic ability. The Mobile Fleet App has been updated to allow fleet owners easy access to machine operating data, including economical usage, utilisation and fault code recognition.

That Wi-Fi connectivity, using Miracast, allows the operator to use many of the functions of their smartphone, directly through the machine’s 8” infotainment screen. Drivers can operate their phones hands-free, listen to music directly from their smartphone and use a number of internet-based applications through the Miracast system.

Reduced service cost

The excavators benefit from a revised cooling package layout that contributes to improved serviceability. Engine oil and oil filter change intervals have been extended from 500hrs to 800hrs, while the fuel filter and pre-filter intervals are now double, at 1,000hrs. This contributes to reduced service and maintenance costs and a cut in planned downtime, improving productivity and utilisation for the customer.

Optional Engine Connect Diagnostics (ECD), which is an integrated resource between Cummins and Hyundai, allows technicians and dealers to support customers with diagnostic reports and engine performance data. HCE-DT Air also allows the customer to connect wirelessly through a smartphone or laptop on site.