Attachment specialists Hill Engineering do it again, with a coupler “Engineered for smarter working”.

A revolutionary new coupler that can connect any hydraulic work tool safely and automatically from the operator’s seat has been launched by attachment technology specialists Hill Engineering.

Combining the versatility and functionality of the Tefra pin grabber coupler, and manufactured in high strength SSAB Strenx steel, the next-generation Tefra Connect sets new standards in on-site efficiency.

Sites such as demolition projects, where hydraulic excavators are used with dedicated hydraulic tools, often also need an excavator to dig trenches or load out loose materials, using a pinned, non-hydraulic tool.

With a Tefra Connect-equipped excavator, operators can maximise machine use and reduce or eliminate the need for other machines on-site, reducing machine costs, fuel consumption and transport movements – particularly beneficial on inner city or congested sites.

The secret to the Tefra Connect is that it uses a patented “power coupling plate” bolted to the hydraulic tool which enables a rapid, leak-free and safe connection between the coupler and hydraulic tool.

While similar systems for automatic hydraulic oil connections are already available, Tefra Connect has added an innovative twist – when the hydraulic powered tool is finished with, it can be released and placed to one side, revealing a regular variable pin centre Tefra coupler which can be used to pick up other pinned attachments in the usual way.

So, unlike with other systems, operators will not need to invest in additional expensive adaptor plates for standard pinned attachments.

Uniquely, Tefra Connect locks onto the attachment before engaging hose coupling plates, ensuring alignment and avoiding damage to hose couplings, and remains connected until the hose coupling plates have disengaged.

In addition, the Tefra Connect requires no manual intervention at any stage, keeping operatives safe during connection and disconnection of high-pressure hydraulic lines, while the high-pressure oil lines remain sealed, staying free from contamination while helping site operators meet environmental obligations.

Tefra Connect was originally planned for launch at Hillhead 2020 so the cancellation of that show enabled Hill Engineering to extend its field testing even further. The company selected several contractors who work primarily in Ireland, specifically so it could carry out regular product and performance reviews, on site and directly with the customers.

Hill Engineering’s engineering manager Neal Loughran said: “Their feedback has been invaluable. These partners have been using the product every day, in their real work activities, and their suggestions have been incorporated into the final product. We believe Tefra Connect will become the new industry standard in attachment technology for specialist applications.”

Suitable for use with all types of hydraulic work tools, such as hammers, grabs and munchers, Tefra Connect uses the same machine mounting and attachment versatility as a standard Tefra coupler and can pick up almost any type of pinned attachment.

Special adaptor plates are only needed for hydraulic work tools, reducing the total cost of ownership, and since Tefra Connect is used in the same way as a standard Tefra coupler, no significant new operator training is needed.

Watch the video on the new Tefra Connect below.