H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd has decided to move with the times and expand the company’s fleet with electric vehicles.

Currently H.E. SERVICES is trialing 25 BMW i3s as rapid response vehicles and escort vehicles.

The company made the decision to go electric whilst looking at new ways to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility. Having already invested in solar panels at their 10 UK based depots, it made sense for the company to commit to other renewables, further enhancing the company’s green credentials.

The fully electric BMW i3 rapid response and escort vehicles have been spread across the UK and will be used by H.E. SERVICES engineers and fitters to assist with delivery escort duties and maintenance of the company’s plant machinery.

In addition, H.E. SERVICES has added to its fleet over 50 Teslas ranging from the Model 3 to the Tesla S and X models, which are being used as company cars for staff members, all rented from the UK’s first and largest pure electric vehicle rental company, EVision.

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd made the decision to provide their staff with electric company cars following the UK government’s announcement to reduce Benefit in Kind tax for electric vehicles to 0% for the tax year 2020/2021. By switching to electric company cars, both employers and employees can make substantial savings. A financial decision that many businesses cannot afford to miss given the current economic crises.

Partnering with EVision Electric Vehicle Hire, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd is renting the electric vehicles on a one-year lease with the view to expanding their fleet, using EVision as the sole provider.

Speaking of the move, H.E. SERVICES Managing Director Peter Durey said: “Going electric is something that all companies managing fleets should be considering, especially those in the construction industry where most plant machinery is being powered by polluting fossil fuels such as diesel. This is the first step for us and we certainly won’t be turning back.”

He added: “Electric Vehicles are changing at a rapid rate, before you can blink there is a new EV on the market with a much better spec, including more advanced on-board technology, better range and better charging capabilities. With EVision, we are able to benefit from incredible flexibility. We aren’t tied down to long term leasing contracts, we’re able to upgrade or downgrade our fleet at any time without penalty. We can also try out new EVs such as electric vans, as EVision is constantly improving their offering. We’re currently in talks with EVision to provide us with electric powered trucks which we hope to be trialing early next year. It’s an exciting time to make the switch to electric.”

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire, based in Strood, Kent has in excess of 500 fully electric cars and vans available to hire short term or lease on a long-term basis. With a generous 20,000 miles annual mileage, all maintenance included and the flexibility to hand the car back at any time throughout the contract without incurring huge penalties, EVision is providing an attractive offering for business fleets.