Garic thinks beyond the box with a fresh new brand.


With over 35 years’ experience behind them Garic is taking the next step of their sustainable journey, striving to be greener and minimise the environmental impact of building and construction projects.

Garic is looking beyond the sustainable welfare units and power generation systems they’re renowned for and offering customers even more value as expert problem solvers. 

With this new outlook comes a fresh new brand, one built on sustainability, service and simplicity. One that quite simply thinks beyond the box. 

Garic’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Albiston explains: 

“Since 1988, Garic has built a reputation for the products we supply and the quality we offer. The welfare units, world-first solar loos and solar energy generators. But we’re more than just a supplier of products. We help our customers solve very real, pressing problems around the demands of sustainability and environmental requirements across the construction industry.”

“Anywhere you travel in the UK, when you see a construction site, you see a welfare unit with the Garic name and logo. But we offer far, far more. We needed to start thinking bigger – thinking beyond the box.” 

Garic’s new brand launch, which includes a new website focused on solving welfare, energy and sustainability problems for clients in a range of construction sectors, helps make it clear that they’re more than just a product supplier. 

The brand has been changed to reflect the needs of the company’s customers, and the journey Garic is on – setting and meeting ambitious sustainability goals – including becoming one of the first in the sector to sign up to SBTi targets. This is only the beginning of their journey though, which is one that’s designed to be collaborative with their customers, so that together they can really reduce the environmental impact of construction. Mark continues:

“Our new brand reflects three key things that are more important than ever to our clients. Sustainability that goes beyond today’s targets, services that go beyond their worksites, and simplicity that leads to less worry and smoother projects. We’re more than a provider, we’re a partner, in every sense of the word. And we’re committed to delivering. It’s easy to say you’re sustainable, or you care about service. We’re setting out to prove it. And our new look and feel demonstrates that.”