Crushing. Digging. Munching. Pecking. Feeding. Screening. Independent crushing and screening contractors, Kastle Crushers, needed a machine that could do it all.

With a brief to find something powerful and long-lasting with a lower emission output, Kastle Crushers turned to their trusted dealer Taylor and Braithwaite to find them one crawler excavator that could do everything that they need. The machine that perfectly fit that bill was the Hyundai 22-tonne HX220AL.

Kastle Crushers has specialised in the crushing, screening and recycling of aggregates for over 25 years from their recycling site near Selby. The size of projects and sites that they provide machines for varies hugely and so any vehicle that they purchase needs to be a good all-rounder, able to be used in tight spaces but reliably deliver on power and performance.

Sam Collis, Director of Kastle Crushers, said: “We were looking for an excavator that could do a bit of everything, would be durable and capable of accepting a whole host of additional attachments including munchers, peckers and buckets. Hyundai has certainly lived up to its good reputation and our operators are impressed with how the HX220AL is handling.

“Not only that, but the Stage V Cummins engine is helping us to lower our emissions without compromising on power – a huge benefit as we look to future-proof our fleet and move towards a more eco-conscious business model.”

It was important to Kastle Crushers to choose a machine that would keep their operators happy and John Holtby, one such operator, has nothing but positive feedback for the HX220AL. John said: “The new Hyundai has everything you hope for as a driver – the air con is great, the seat is perfect and it’s really responsive. But what makes the biggest difference to the operator are the safety features.

“The glass panel on the door is a brilliant addition – when you’re high up on the pile you can see down the sides and it makes you feel more confident because you have a better view of what’s around you. The 360°camera is a godsend too, particularly when you’ve got pedestrians wandering on site. Safety is paramount on any job and in the Hyundai you definitely feel like that’s taken care of.”

Supplied by Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer, Taylor and Braithwaite, the HX220A crawler excavator is part of Hyundai’s flagship A series – a 22100kg machine that is powered by a Stage V-certified Cummins engine, featuring an integrated after-treatment system that reduces emissions and maintenance requirements while delivering exceptional power and fuel economy.

The HX220AL features the new Engine Connected Diagnostics (ECD) system which immediately reports any engine failure to both Hi-MATE and the engine manufacturer to ensure the fastest, easiest resolution. On top of that the new EPFC (Electronic Pump Flow Control) system improves controllability and reduces operating costs.

To find out more about the Hyundai A Series, to request a quote or to locate your nearest dealer, visit www.hyundai-ce.eu